West Michigan: Newsmakers Oct. 8, 2009




Grand Rapids Press:

Gospel recording artist Marvin Sapp and his wife, MaLinda, plan to remain as bidders for WJNZ Radio (1140 AM), despite a falling out with on-air personality Robert S. Womack, who also is seeking to buy it. The Sapps said they placed money into escrow late last month with the idea of partnering with Womack in an effort to save the city's only urban-oriented radio station. "As of today, the monies have not been returned to the Sapps as they have decided to remain an intervening party and potential bidder for the station," the Sapps said in a statement... Despite falling out with radio host, Marvin and MaLinda Sapp still bidding for WJNZ-AM (Thu, 10/8)

Radio personality Robert S. Womack has given back $150,000 to gospel recording artist Marvin Sapp, who committed the money last week to help save the city's only urban station WJNZ-AM (1140). Womack said he and three other investors dug deeper into their pockets to make up the difference. Last week, Marvin Sapp and his wife, MaLinda, announced their investment and outlined their vision to give the radio station a more family friendly format. Womack said Sapp also wanted to move the station to the grounds of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, where he is a pastor. "We don't believe that we should be talking about the format unless we win in court," said Womack, adding that other investors felt Sapp's comments could hurt their court case... Robert S. Womack rejects Marvin Sapp's investment in WJNZ-AM radio station (Wed, 10/7)







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