Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Nov. 15, 2009




Detroit Free Press:

"Oh the weather outside is frightful," we sang, windows down last weekend while driving along Fort Street. With the sun shining as the temperature rose into the mid-60s, it certainly felt more like delightful. We stumbled upon Christmas music as we surfed the stations on my car radio, and I'm afraid that, at least when the kids are with me, the dial now vacillates between the two that play 24-hour holiday songs. After an excruciating "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" -- made lovable only because of the mixed-up lyrics sung by my 4-year-old and squeals from my 21-month-old in the back seat -- I tried to switch stations. But that drew nothing but howls... We may be rushing things, but we need a little Christmas now (Sun, 11/15)







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