Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Nov. 6, 2009




Welcome to the Christmas season

Don't look now, but once again its time for the annual battle for listeners that just can't get enough Christmas music. This morning saw the flip of both local soft rock / adult contemporary to full-time Yuletide tunes with WMGC FM 105.1 jumping first followed closely by WNIC FM 100.3.

No doubt that the annual marathon of holiday tunes is welcomed by many listeners -- with others being scared off from their favorite radio stations. Will Santa bring ratings presents or coal this year, the first with Portable People Movers in use as a ratings tool.

CITADEL Talk WJR-A/DETROIT has unveiled a new feature, "BREAKING THE CYCLE," spotlighting business and individual success stories in the DETROIT region. President/GM MIKE FEZZEY hosts the feature. "We need to break the cycle of being our own worst enemy and thinking less of ourselves," said FEZZEY. "We need people to move to our communities with excitement and encouragement. It is our job to be their guide and show them how great the GREAT LAKES area truly is." WJR Spotlights Success Stories With 'Breaking The Cycle' (Fri, 11/6)







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