Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec. 3, 2009




Detroit News:

Former Fox 2 anchorwoman Fanchon Stinger acknowledged Wednesday she let a Detroit businessman at the center of the Synagro bribery scandal put a Rolls-Royce and other fancy cars in her name because he was dogged by poor credit. But Stinger said she has a letter from federal prosecutors clearing her of any criminal wrongdoing, such as money-laundering, in her dealings with Rayford W. Jackson. "I was in an abusive relationship," she said. "Because I was fearful, I made decisions that normally I would never have made." Stinger, an Emmy-award-winning journalist, left Fox 2 in 2008 soon after her ties to Jackson and Synagro became public... Ex-anchorwoman says fear clouded her decision-making ability in Synagro case (Thu, 12/3)


Fox 2 reporter Brad Edwards is speaking out about the station's loss of veteran investigative reporter Scott Lewis , who took a buyout and is leaving the station later this month. "Scott's loss is tremendous," Edwards said by phone Wednesday. "We're all better for working with him and we're a better station for having him. He put Fox 2 on the map through the 'Problem Solvers.' We weren't on the map more than a decade ago, and we've taken this city back -- street by street by street, by problem solved by problem solved... Grapevine: Look for Scott Lewis to be back (Thu, 12/3)







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