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Detroit News:

Not everybody who is investigated by Channel 7's Steve Wilson would invite him on their morning show, but Mildred Gaddis did that Thursday morning on WCHB-AM (1200). A report by the station's chief investigative reporter aired at 6 and will air again at 11 tonight on WXYZ-TV (Channel 7), charging that 14 City Council candidates who were interviewed on a WADL-TV (Channel 38) "Meet the Candidate" series hosted by Gaddis paid $1,000 for the privilege, and that the TV station did not run a disclaimer identifying it as a paid block program. Wilson interviewed WADL station management, who said Gaddis is not paid to appear on the programs, but makes money selling ads for the shows and being paid by those she interviews. He also talked to Charles Pugh, the former Fox 2 anchor who is running for City Council. Pugh acknowledged that he paid for his appearance and thought of it as an "infomercial," but he would have liked it to be labeled as such... Steve Wilson joins Mildred Gaddis to talk about report (Thu, 7/2)

FCC Rejects WCXI Move: BIRACH BROADCASTING CORP. has been turned down by the FCC for a change of the community of license of Classic Country WCXI-A/FENTON, MI to WIXOM, MI, leaving an application for a new AM at WINFIELD, WV by SCOTT POWELL pending. POWELL and BIRACH had reached a settlement and had applied to the FCC for approval of that deal, which would have dismissed POWELL's application and opened the door for BIRACH's move of the station from the FLINT to the DETROIT market, but the Commission rejected BIRACH's proposal, which was based on the possible loss of WCXI's transmitter site and would have left FENTON with no licensed services. (Wed, 7/1)



Taylor exiting Channel 95-5

Michelle Taylor is leaving her role of midday host at contemporary hits WKQI-FM (Channel 95-5) to move into the country format at Country KBWF San Francisco where she'll use her real name, Micki Gamez. No replacement has been announced - she's also been voicetracking for a number of other Clear Channel stations so her exit creates lineup issues in other cities as well.


Detroit News:

TV station WADL severed its relationship with host Mildred Gaddis after reports that she was charging $1,000 to interview candidates for Detroit city council on a "Meet the Candidate" series. WXYZ-TV (Channel 7)'s Steve Wilson reported Thursday that the station, citing "unauthorized payments" to interview subjects, cut ties with Gaddis, the popular WCHB-AM (1200) morning host known for her crusades against corruption in the city. Wilson's reports revealed that that Gaddis charged 14 candidates for interviews that ran on WADL (Channel 38) in a series that appeared to be a public affairs program and was not identified as paid programming. Wilson interviewed WADL station management, who said Gaddis was not paid to appear on the programs, but made money selling ads for the shows and being paid by those she interviews... Gaddis cut from WADL after charge of pay for play (Fri, 7/3)


Port Huron Times Herald:

When Thelma DeVoogd woke up and turned on her television June 12, she was excited. The 76-year-old Applegate resident had done more than merely survive the switch from analog to digital broadcasting; she did so with a crystal-clear picture and crisp sound. A couple of hours later, however, her TV screen went blank. DeVoogd simply lives too far away from most television stations to pick up the new signal, and there's not much she can do about it. "I am frustrated," she said. "We've had television for 50 some years. It wasn't always great, but there was something I could watch. Now, there's nothing." DeVoogd is far from alone in her troubles. Despite buying a digital converter box and following instructions issued by the Federal Communications Commission, many people who live in rural areas, such as Michigan's Thumb, were left out in the cold when technology advanced last month... Some viewers too remote for digital TV (Tue, 7/7)


Detroit Free Press:

Michigan State will produce two TV shows with Fox Sports Detroit for 2009-10 featuring football coach Mark Dantonio and basketball coach Tom Izzo. "Spartan Football All-Access" will debut at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 17, with a football preview. The episode will be rebroadcast throughout the month, leading up to MSU's opener against Montana State on Sept. 5 ... "Spartan Basketball All-Access," featuring Izzo, will begin later in the year... Dantonio, Izzo to be seen on FSD (Thu, 7/9)



Detroit News:

Heather Zara loves sports so much, she still has pieces of confetti from the night the Pistons won the 2004 NBA title. And when her alarm rings at 2:30 every morning, the television is usually tuned to "SportsCenter" or a replay of the previous night's Tigers game. Zara, WDIV's morning traffic reporter, is a passionate sports fan who used to scramble around the Lions dressing room looking for stories. This weekend, Zara moves to the sports desk, anchoring Channel 4's weekend show... Heather Zara gets dream job at Ch. 4 (Thu, 7/9)


Detroit Free Press:

They're back. The Motor City dynamic duo, Drew Lane and Mike Clark, are set to commence a new chapter in their already historic broadcasting run when Drew returns to the top-rated WRIF-FM (101.1) morning show Monday after nearly two years away. Catching up with Detroit's bad boys of talk inside their studio just before their official return proved that their chemistry, quick wit and provocative humor haven't changed. Although both say they are reviving the same show that propelled them to the top of the metro Detroit morning radio heap for roughly a decade, some things -- no doubt -- have changed. "Wait, you didn't get the memo on that?" Mike deadpans to his on-air partner of more than 14 years. "We're changing the show's name to the 'Mike & Drew' show. I think it sounds great." Mike's undeniable signature laugh follows. Drew cracks up, too... After hiatus, 'Drew & Mike' back on airwaves, Radio ratings shakedown (Sun, 7/12)


Detroit News:

Drew Lane slipped back into the morning groove at WRIF-FM (101.1) so seamlessly Monday, it was as if Metro Detroit was having a simultaneous acid flashback to September 2007. Or maybe we just dreamed that he left the show, like Pam dreamed that Bobby was dead on "Dallas." It wasn't a dream -- Lane did leave, tired of the morning grind and wanting to help his fiancee battle cancer. The tanking economy prompted his return. Wearing a fresh Tigers cap, Lane appeared relaxed as he and partner Mike Clark riffed on Michael Jackson, Detroit's city council and sports... Drew and Mike reunite on morning airwaves (Tue, 7/14)



Detroit Free Press:

Metro Detroit commuters and fans of WRIF-FM's (101.1) top-rated morning talk show remembered the past and caught a glimpse of the future Monday as "Drew & Mike" went live for the first time in nearly two years. Drew Lane, who left the show in September '07, returned to his post alongside cohost Mike Clark. Despite some opening-day jitters, their chemistry, developed over 14 years together, reignited immediately, resulting in entertainment in its highest form. Well, maybe not its highest form. Mike, after all, performed his explosive Butt Mic routine. But the morning certainly was provocative, humorous and even insightful... First day for 'Drew & Mike' hits the mark (Tue, 7/14)

A former Emmy-winning news anchor from Detroit's ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV Channel 7 was evicted this week from his nearly $1 million home, which was in foreclosure. Frank Turner, who left Channel 7 in October 2006 to found his ministry, "God's Amazing Grace," said the eviction is actually "a blessing." "The net result for us is we are actually going to profit," Turner said. "What they meant for evil is turning out for my good. In an extraordinary move, the bank is paying thousands of dollars to move and store my furniture and as soon as the house gets listed, if we're interested, we're going to be able to buy it back for less than what we've been offering them... Former news anchor evicted from his home (Fri, 7/17)


Detroit Free Press:

WRIF's Meltdown to Jumpstart: The afternoon drive this week on WRIF-FM (101.1) has a very specific Motor City mission: help stimulate auto sales and boost Detroiters spirits. Kicking off today is the Jumpstart Michigan campaign, in which on-air personality Meltdown, along with the station's 2009 Rock Girl Sarah, will tour various automotive-related businesses, host free lunch drops and interact with people affected by the challenging economic climate. One of the reasons Meltdown moved to Detroit 14 years ago was because of the automakers, and he told the Free Press he "really wants to support the people of Michigan." For a full schedule of the week's events, go to Names & Faces (Mon, 7/20)


Detroit News:

Detroit TV station WADL-TV is demanding that WCHB-AM (1200) morning personality Mildred Gaddis stop making what it terms "defamatory" statements in a sharply worded letter it sent Monday to Gaddis and Radio One, the owners of WCHB. The station is demanding an on-air apology, as well. Gaddis' relationship with WADL (Channel 38) was severed July 2 after WXYZ-TV's Steve Wilson reported that she charged candidates for Detroit's City Council $1,000 each to appear on her WADL series "Meet the Candidate." Candidates who did not or could not pay, were not interviewed. The series was not identified as paid block programming, which the FCC requires. Gaddis claimed it was the station's responsibility to run such a disclaimer... WADL wants Gaddis to apologize (Tue, 7/21)


Detroit News:

Lisa Crowley enjoys watching "Jeopardy." The Royal Oak resident likes the game show so much that she watches it twice a day when it airs locally on WDIV-TV (Channel 4) at 12:30 and 7:30 p.m. weekdays. But lately, Crowley says, when she's attempted to watch "Jeopardy" and its popular host Alex Trebek in the daytime, she hasn't been able to because WDIV has been preempting the show in favor of infomercials. "I don't have cable and when Channel 4 doesn't show 'Jeopardy,' I simply don't get to watch it," Crowley says. "And it's extremely annoying, to say it politely"... WDIV picks infomercials over daytime 'Jeopardy' (Wed, 7/22)


Detroit News:

Outspoken WCHB-AM (1200) morning host Mildred Gaddis will be talking this morning about Detroit TV station WADL-TV, but she'll be more conciliatory than accusatory. The Detroit News has obtained a copy of the statement Gaddis will read during her program "Inside Detroit with Mildred Gaddis." It falls short of an apology, but it's far different from her rhetoric over the airwaves of the past week, which WADL charges included calling its general manager Lewis Gibbs a liar. Gaddis will say: "As many of you know, there has been an ongoing debate between me and WADL-TV 38 regarding my former television show on that station. In the heat of passion, some harsh words have been exchanged recently, which is truly regrettable. For my part, I want everyone to know I believe WADL serves an important role in our community. I have never intended to cast any aspersions on WADL-TV or its General Manager Lewis Gibbs. Let's move on from this matter and focus on the real issues that are affecting our great city"... Gaddis to reach out in WADL dispute (Fri, 7/24)


Michigan Radio wins national Clarion Award

Michigan Radio, the public radio service from the University of Michigan, has won a national Clarion Award from The Association for Women in Communications for the documentary "Foreclosing on the American Dream". The documentary, which originally aired in July 2008, won a Clarion Award in the category of Best One Time Documentary.

"Foreclosing on the American Dream," which was narrated by Michigan Radio Morning Edition host Christina Shockley, took an in-depth look at the causes and effects surrounding Michigan's high foreclosure rate. Why has Michigan been hit so hard? What is this doing to our neighborhoods? What are the solutions? Michigan Radio's reporters and hosts explored these questions through in-depth reports and interviews. You can listen to the documentary here:

Since 1972, the Clarion Awards have honored excellence in more than 100 categories across all areas of communications, including advertising & marketing, magazines, newspapers, online media, photography, public relations, radio and television. This year's competition drew nearly 500 entries, and Michigan Radio was one of 97 winners that will be recognized at the 2009 AWC National Conference in Seattle, WA, on October 17. Winners in other radio categories included public radio programs The Splendid Table (heard on Michigan Radio 2-3 pm Sundays) and The World (heard on Michigan Radio 7-8 pm, weekdays).

Spin through the radio dial in the D on a Sunday evening and you are likely to come across what seems like a community public access broadcast on 107.5 FM WGPR. But it is not. It's RealTalk FM, a program that airs weekly from 6-8 p.m., and while there is much talk and local guests, it is turning into more than the run-of-the-mill radio show fare. Just ask Ken "Blanks" Harrell, founder and executive producer of RealTalk FM, and he'll tell you that while ratings success is a good thing, what he and his team are trying to do is create a movement to both empower and mobilize Detroiters to really drive change across the city... Detroit's Real Talk: Radio Show Has a Mission to Create a Movement (Wed, 7/29)



Granite Broadcasting today announced the resignation of Sarah Norat-Phillips, president-general manager of WMYD, its MNT affiliate in Detroit (DMA 11). Norat-Phillips is leaving the company, it said, to pursue new challenges and personal goals, but will remain at the station through Aug. 31, "to ensure a successful transition for her successor," Granite's David T. Bangura, who is being promoted from WMYD's director of sales... Norat-Phillips Out, Bangura In at WMYD (Thu, 7/30)

Mike McCoy Named PD At WKQI: CLEAR CHANNEL Top 40 WNCI and AC WLZT/COLUMBUS PD MICHAEL MCCOY is making the move to MOTOWN as PD of sister WKQI (Channel 95.5). His last day "the 614" is FRIDAY, JULY 31st. Wrote CLEAR CHANNEL/COLUMBUS Dir./Programming JOHN CRENSHAW, "MICHAEL joined us almost 5 years ago as WNCI PD, added WLZT two years later and has done a fantastic job with both stations. Our success did not go unnoticed! From the syndication roll-out of DAVE AND JIMMY to 4 of the biggest Red, White and BOOMs ever -- to helping get WBNS-F out of a music format, not to mention a stellar ratings history along the way, WNCI has a lot to be proud of during MICHAEL's time at the helm." (Thu, 7/30)


The Jonas Brothers give to 96.3 WDVD's Operation Backpack

On Sunday, July 26, 2009, 96.3 WDVD jock Jesse Addy met the Jonas Brothers backstage at their concert in Auburn Hills. Jesse had the opportunity to talk to them about their new album and tour. During their interview, Jesse informed them of the station's school supply drive, Operation Backpack. After the interview, the Jonas Brothers bought five boxes of school supplies and donated them to the 96.3 WDVD Operation Backpack Drive.

96.3 WDVD & Fox 2 Detroit have joined forces to stuff two school buses full of school supplies. For most children, going back to school means new pencils, notebooks and backpacks - everything they need to start the school year off right. But back-to-school shopping is not a given for kids who come from low income families.

More than 900,000 kids in Michigan come from low-income families. That means many local children will head back to school without basic supplies. Studies suggest that students who lack basic school supplies experience lower test scores and attendance issues. Being prepared for school boosts a child's self esteem and helps his/her performance!

That's why WKQI and WJBK have teamed up for Operation Backpack - hoping to collect 1300 backpacks to local children in need.

Operation Backpack will be taking place tomorrow, Saturday August 1st and Sunday August 2nd at The Roeper School on Woodward in West Bloomfield. Collections times are from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

More information on the program is available at

WCSX's Nicole Salem Raises Funds For Rescued Chihuahuas: GREATER MEDIA Classic Rock WCSX/DETROIT morning "DEMINSKI AND DOYLE" traffic reporter NICOLE SALEM is coming to the support of an animal shelter that has taken in over 100 chihuahuas rescued from a DEARBORN man's house over the last week, offering "NICOLE SALEM'S CHIHUAHUA CHALLENGE" to raise donations for the FRIENDS FOR THE DEARBORN ANIMAL SHELTER. DEARBORN police last FRIDAY discovered over 100 live dogs in the house, with 151 dead dogs found inside several freezers. SALEM, a chihuahua owner herself, is calling for donations of cash and several needed items on a "wish list" for the shelter, which has taken the dogs in and which SALEM notes is facing an enormous financial and logistical challenge in caring for the chihuahuas. Find out more about SALEM's challenge, including video and photos of her trip to the shelter, by clicking here. (Fri, 7/31)



Detroit Free Press:

Did the "Morning X" talk jocks on CIMX-FM (88.7, 89X) take a joke so far that their show was pulled from the air Thursday? Perhaps for good? For the last few days, hosts Dave Hunter, Chuck the Freak and Lisa Way have been involved in something called "Operation Dark Stall," a microphone-driven "investigation" that began Monday after Chuck said he found an unidentified station employee lurking in an employee restroom -- where it was completely dark... 'Morning X' bathroom banter spurs controversy (Fri, 7/31)







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