Detroit radio headed for shakeups to start 2010




The rumor mill has been cranked up to 'high' over the past week or so with information coming out that Jay Towers has exited as morning co-host at WXYT-FM 97.1 - info that Towers himself confirmed this morning during Fox 2's morning news program. Apparently he's been hired by the Clear Channel cluster locally - but the exact station he'll be heard on will remain a mystery for now.

Logical speculation is that he'll either land at WNIC 100.3, which might be planning to attempt to steal listeners from the recently popular WDVD 96.3, or at WDTW-FM 106.7, which last fall changed formats to rhythmic adult contemporary from country, and has yet to offer a full lineup of personalities.

Of course, speculation of a Towers landing at WNIC opens up a set of new questions - what happens to current morning host Kevin O'Neill for example ... and would the station change it's music to become more like WDVD?

Of course, there's also the possibility that there's something completely different brewing - could Dom Theodore have lured Channel 95-5's morning crew over to CBS Radio's new contemporary hits Amp Radio 98.7 and Clear Channel has hired Towers to backfill that position? Theodore worked with 'Mojo in the Morning' during his tenure at Clear Channel/Detroit before moving to CBS Radio.

Back at 97.1, Towers exit opens the door for changes there too -- will current co-host Bill McAllister remain and take on more responsibility along with Sara Foreacre and Tony Ortiz? Will newly the recently hired Mike Stone be tapped for mornings... or will the station decide to completely revamp its lineup? Right now there are many more questions than answers - but hopefully more information will be available after everyone resumes work tomorrow.

Once those morning dominoes fall into place... you can bet there will be more to fall. For instance, there still are many that question classic rock 94.7 WCSX's choice of bringing in Deminski and Doyle for morning drive - then proceeding to completely change the show's presentation. Are either D&D or WCSX happy with the current arrangement... and how long will it last?

One thing is certain - morning radio in Detroit will not start the same way in 2010 as it finished 2009.

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