Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Jan. 25, 2010




Crain's Detroit Business:

Michigan's still-nebulous 2010 gubernatorial race situation -- along with a number of Congressional and state office races -- could see a spending explosion on broadcast media triggered by last week's U.S. Supreme Court decision that loosened some restrictions on corporate and nonprofit campaign advertising spending. Local television executives say it's too soon to estimate what financial impact the changes to the McCain-Feingold Act will have, but they do expect to see advertising revenue increases because of the court ruling and Michigan's wide-open election situation. "I don't know what impact it will have here. You'd have to have a very active crystal ball here to predict that," said Marla Drutz, vice president and general manager WDIV-Ch. 4, Detroit's NBC affiliate. "I think overall there's a lot of political activity. That does translate positively for media"... TV stations expect increase in political advertising from court ruling (Mon, 1/25)



Detroit Free Press:

Nearing the end of life's journey, all of us have a tendency to look back -- often with regret. It happened to me last week as I read the record of my grades at Emory University, rediscovering that I was not a good student. If that's not the understatement of the 21st Century, it's close. Like saying Marie Antoinette died of a sore throat or Brigham Young was a married man. I was a bad student because of majoring in everything except study. I was much too busy editing the Emory Wheel newspaper, misguiding my SAE fraternity and dancing life away. I was concentrating on being an entrepreneur -- a nicer way of saying a promoter or hustler. One of my ventures into such activity was my first foray into the world of music... Too busy hustling for study (Mon, 1/25)







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