Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Jan. 22, 2010




Detroit News:

Cameraman Joe Conrad was inside a traffic helicopter as it swept over Interstate 696 in Oakland County preparing for its morning rush hour report. Suddenly a strange noise rocked the helicopter, signaling engine failure to the crew of three, but their fate was in one man's hands -- pilot Joel Alexander. "It was frightening, when that engine died," Conrad said. "But I had complete confidence in Joel. He is like the Sully Sullenberger of the helicopter world." Alexander is being credited with saving the lives of the crew and landing the helicopter safely on the eastern edge of Oakland County Community College's Orchard Ridge Campus just after 8 a.m. this morning... Traffic helicopter pilot's safe landing saved lives, crew says (Fri, 1/22)




WJR's Jetcopter made an emergency landing at Oakland Community College this morning. Everyone on board is ok... WJR Jetcoper Makes Emergency Landing; Paul W. Smith and pilot Joel Alexander discuss the incident (Fri, 1/22)




An emergency landing for the WWJ-Metro Networks traffic chopper Friday morning. WWJ traffic reporter Bill Szumanski and others in the chopper had to land at Oakland Community College at 12 Mile and Orchard Lake roads in Farmington Hills because of an engine fire. Farmington Hills police say the chopper was at about 800 to 1,000 feet in the air when it lost power and had to land. An Oakland Community College officer told Farmington Hills police he saw flames coming from the engine before the chopper landed on the sidewalk near the college's parking lot. No injuries are reported... Traffic Chopper Makes Emergency Landing (Fri, 1/22)




Channel 7 joined forces with the American Red Cross to bring "Help for Haiti." Thanks to you we were able to raise more than $178,227.40 during our telethon... Help For Haiti Telethon Raises $178,227 (Wed, 1/20)







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