Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Jan. 5, 2010




Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun:

Central Michigan University Public Radio has joined a handful of Michigan stations in offering a digital service that its backers boast provides CD-quality sound from FM radio. Without much fanfare, WCMU-FM 89.5 in Mt. Pleasant turned on its HD service last week, said John Sheffler, CMU Public Broadcasting's director of radio. "The quality is going to be significantly better," Sheffler said. But that's for people who have receivers capable of getting the digital signal. In radio, HD stands for "hybrid digital," but its boosters don't mind at all if its meaning is confused with the television term that means "high definition." With an HD signal, a high-quality digital stream is folded into, or multiplexed, into the station's regular, analog signal. A digital receiver can pick up that signal and reproduce the higher-quality sound. HD radio receivers, however, are still fairly rare. About 1.3 million receivers were in service in late 2009, according to the HD Radio Alliance... WCMU offers digital radio signal for those with the right receiver (Tue, 1/5)







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