Metro Detroit: Newsmakers March 30, 2010




Detroit News:

It's not just the sound of Detroit radio that changed when Dick Purtan retired last week. It's the look, too, and the American Mustache Institute is concerned. Deeply concerned. Friday, declares Aaron Perlut, was "a sad day for not only the Mustached American community of Detroit, but for people of Mustached American descent everywhere." He stopped short of demanding that another Mustached American be appointed to take Purtan's place, but the institute is keeping a close eye on developments here, and you'd better believe that WOMC-FM (104.3) knows it's being watched. "We may need to hire a mustache consultant," says Tim Roberts, the station's operations manager and program director. "Obviously, Dick was using one of the best ever." I spoke to Roberts on Monday about his plans for the morning show because it's the best radio job to open around here since the last time Purtan left a station, when he jumped to WOMC from WKQI-FM (95.5) in 1996... The Mustached American community is reeling since Purtan's departure (Tue, 3/30)







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