Metro Detroit: Newsmakers March 20, 2010




The Oakland Press:

Jake Sigal, the 28-year-old founder of Ferndale-based companies Myine Electronics and Livio Radio, didn't waste any time finding his calling in life. "I started off when I was 7. I ripped apart my dad's VCR with a screwdriver and I've been tinkering with electronics ever since. I've been taking stuff apart and trying to put it together ever since," he said. His companies focus on bringing Internet-based music to the masses. "Engineering and music are my two passions, and I've found a way to put them together," said Sigal, who initially had scholarships to be a percussion major at some conservatories before deciding to study engineering. Sigal said his companies make devices that are simple and usable by all people, including baby boomers: "I want my mom and dad to have access to digital audio without all the bells and whistles. Technology is hard. My parents are more tech-scared, so that's why we have familiar buttons and keep things simplistic. We've won design awards, because we did it right. We've found the balance between technology and simplicity"... Ferndale companies bringing Internet radio to baby boomers (Sat, 3/20)







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