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Detroit News:

Just in time for Dick Purtan's last broadcast on WOMC-FM (104.3) Friday, after 45 years on the air in Detroit, the Detroit Historical Museum is reviving Purtan's part of its "Detroit's Classic Radio Voices" display. The exhibit opens after Purtan's final broadcast Friday and runs through May 2. On display are personal artifacts such as Purtan "best of" compilations, the Olympic torch that the Buffalo native was given prior to the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, awards and other Purtanalia... Historical museum to revive Dick Purtan exhibit (Thu, 3/25)



Michigan Radio to air special call-in program with Governor Granholm

Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm will take telephone calls from across the state in an exclusive live call-in show to air on Michigan Radio, and other Michigan public radio stations, this Friday, March 26, from 9 to 10 a.m.

The hour-long call-in show with the Governor will be hosted by Rick Pluta, Michigan Public Radio Network managing editor and state capitol bureau chief. The program will have an open format with Gov. Granholm fielding questions from listeners on a variety of topics. The Governor is expected to focus on the state budget, school reform, and her general plans for her final year in office.

Listener phone calls will be accepted during the program by calling toll-free (877) 952-7870.



Creation of Upper Midwest Local Journalism Center will yield programming on the transformation of the region's economy

Michigan Radio (WUOM 91.7 Ann Arbor / WFUM 91.1 Flint / WVGR FM 104.1 Grand Rapids), together with Chicago Public Radio and Cleveland's ideastream® (WVIZ/PBS and WCPN-FM), have received a multi-year grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to create the Upper Midwest Local Journalism Center. The center is designed to produce programming focused on a major regional story: the opportunities for the transformation of the Midwest from a fundamentally industrial-based economy to a post-manufacturing one.

Significant resources at each organization will be committed to this long-term project. Collectively, the stations' will hire three reporters, a Senior Editor, and a Senior Producer for Social Engagement. The reporters, one at each station, will produce feature reports and web extras that will air on all of the stations, while the Senior Producer for Social Engagement will lead the stations' efforts on the web and in using social media to create a regional platform for discussion and debate about the economic recovery of the region.

As recipients of the $972,000 grant, one of five regional grants announced by CPB today, Michigan Radio and its partners will tell the story of "Changing Gears: Remaking the Manufacturing Belt." The stations' ongoing coverage will look at the past, present and future of the industrial Midwest through the production of feature reports, regional call-in discussions, community town hall events, blogs and other online features.

"Throughout our region's economic challenges, Michigan Radio has placed a high priority on keeping people informed and engaged in discussing options for the future," said Steve Schram, Director of Broadcasting at Michigan Radio. "In response, we have produced significant content around the issue, including special series like Facing the Mortgage Crisis, Generation Y Michigan, and Foreclosing on the American Dream. We saw the need to expand and diversify this coverage, and took the lead to apply for this grant, and asked our colleagues in Chicago and Cleveland to join us in making this a regional effort."

"Changing Gears: Remaking the Manufacturing Belt" will look at the economic, social, environmental and cultural angles of this important story, and explore what has and what has not worked in terms of improving the region's economy. This multi-platform editorial project will:

  • Highlight today's innovators.
  • Look at how families and individual workers are working to re-invent themselves and how they are making the best of bad times.
  • Spotlight tech-savvy companies, including those in the clean energy industry.
  • Profile towns and cities in transition, as they move from heavy industry and manufacturing to new ways of working.
  • Follow stimulus dollars to uncover their impact.
  • Search for ways the region can collaborate across state lines.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas about the issues and solutions facing the communities of the Great Lakes.

Throughout the coverage, Michigan Radio and its partners will tell the stories of individuals, families businesses, and innovators -- their struggles and solutions, their efforts to reinvent themselves, and their capacity to make the best of bad times.

Michigan Radio's collaboration with two of the largest public radio stations in the Great Lakes area will allow the three organizations to pool their resources and diverse perspectives. As a result, this region's most important story--its economic future--will receive the most comprehensive coverage possible.







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