The "Best of" Dick Purtan still to come




Guest column by Bill Kalmar, former Director of the Michigan Quality Council

Congrats to Dick Purtan and his talented team for the $2.3 million raised in the 23rd annual Salvation Army Bed and Bread Radiothon! It was an exciting day as his legions of listeners and fans called in their pledges. We called our pledge in early and felt good all day as we heard the stories of how that money is assisting those less fortunate. And no one directs the all day activities better than Dick Purtan!

Money raised by the Radiothon will go a long way to feeding the over 5,000 people daily that the Bed and Bread trucks serve. In addition, two new trucks have been dedicated to Dick and Gail Purtan and Doc Andrews and Gene Taylor from money pledged by listeners. What a great honor for Dick and Gail and a wonderful legacy for Doc and Gene!

Dale Johnson of the Salvation Army mentioned that pledges would push the campaign "over the top" and callers did just that! And it happened because as the song says -- Dick Purtan "You're the top".

You're the top -
You're the louvre museum.
You're a melody from a symphony by strauss.
You're a bendel bonnet, a shakespeare sonnet, you're mickey mouse.
You're the nile - you're the tower of pisa.
You're the smile - on the mona lisa.
You're the top, you're mahatma ghandi.
You're the top - you are napoleon brandy.
You're the purple light of a summer night in spain.
You're the national gallery,
You're garbo's salary,
You're cellophane.
You are sublime, you're a salmon dinner.
You're the time - the time of the derby winner.

During the month of March I know that Dick and his Purtan's People will be featuring excerpts from the "Best of Purtan" and all of us are looking forward to that. But somehow I think once he retires and settles into a lifestyle of assisting charities and doing the work that is most dear to his heart, we will be exposed to more of the "Best of Purtan" because whatever it is he does, he does it BEST and the best is yet to come!

Congrats Dick on 45 years in radio and congrats on the accomplishments yet to be realized!

P.S. And yes I changed "turkey" to "salmon" in the lyrics!







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