Metro Detroit: Newsmakers April 4, 2010




Detroit Free Press:

WKQIWhen you cohost a popular radio show known for its celebrity interviews and up-to-the-minute gossip, keeping up with pop culture isn't a hobby. It's a full-time assignment. "It's 24/7, yeah," says Spike of the "Mojo in the Morning" team at WKQI-FM (95.5), describing how much time he spends following the latest scoops. "Because of our job, we have to be aware of everything and pretty much know it before everybody else. So when I'm home, I'm always on the Internet, to my wife's chagrin. And when I'm not home, my BlackBerry is ringing off the hook." An on-air personality who's famous for his sarcastic humor and prank phone calls, he enjoys staying current on the show-biz world. The married father of two does unplug from the Web and unwind during family vacations. But the day he gets back, "I'm connected all night trying to see what I missed, who did what, what's going on," he says. Spike talked to us recently for a pop-culture profile, another in a series of visits with prominent metro Detroiters... Pop culture profile: WKQI-FM's Spike (Sun, 4/4)







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