Metro Detroit: Newsmakers April 15, 2010




Grand Rapids Press:

Jim Price is down to one kidney, but the cancer is gone. And his peace of mind has returned. "It was a life-or-death thing if they hadn't gotten it out when they did," said Price, the radio analyst for Detroit Tigers games and a catcher with the 1968 world champions. "I just have the one kidney now, but I can lead a normal life. "Something like this gives you a whole different perspective." He is embarking on another West Coast trip, with Detroit playing Friday night against the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field, and life is good again. Price, 68, is back for his 18th season as a Tigers broadcaster. But several days before Thanksgiving, he got the news that made him wonder if there would be another season. "I had a large, cancerous tumor in my kidney that was exploding my kidney," Price said. "It was so big, and I didn't even know it. I went to the bathroom and there was a lot of blood when I urinated. My wife, Lisa, made me go to the emergency room. She strong-armed me." There wasn't any time to waste after X-rays and a full-body scan revealed the problem. Five and a half hours worth of surgery at Beaumont Hospital in Troy two days before Thanksgiving saved his life... 'Life is good again' for Tigers radio analyst Jim Price after bout with cancer (Thu, 4/15)



Detroit Free Press:

Motor City commuters who tuned into WRIF-FM's (101.1) top-rated "Drew & Mike" morning show Wednesday briefly heard a few words from former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Hosts Drew Lane and Mike Clark thought they'd give the Dallas-based Kilpatrick a heads-up that new reports about Manoogian Mansion shenanigans were making headlines back home. Their call was disconnected after the two radio hosts identified themselves, but when they redialed seconds later, Kilpatrick picked up with a chuckle. The ex-mayor told the dynamic duo he's busy starting his life over in Texas and doesn't want to be featured on radio and TV or in newspapers... Drew, Mike dial up Kwame (Thu, 4/15)



Classical/Jazz WRCJ using hard sell in fundraising campaign

A marketing e-mail from Detroit Public TV operated classical/jazz WRCJ FM 90.9 begins with what's either a desperate plea -- or an outright threat, depending on your point of view: "The CBC has cut back on classical music. A Detroit "smooth jazz" radio station is off the air. Detroit went nine years without a classical music service when the old WQRS changed formats. Don't let this happen again! Please support WRCJ 90.9 FM as it concludes its Spring Membership Drive. Classical Days and Jazzy Nights rely on tax-deductible contributions from listeners like you, but we're short of our goal. We must stay on track to keep classical music alive on Detroit airwaves."

The message is pretty clear - without more financial support, the station's programming is in jeopardy. While run sby DPTV, the Detroit Public Schools is the owner of WRCJ.

Potential donors can visit or call 866-909-9725 to contribute.







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