Metro Detroit: Newsmakers June 10, 2010




Detroit News:

The best thing about the $10,000 giveaway at WMGC-FM is that the promotions department didn't dream it up. Or, it's that almost every one of the 4,000 people who offered ideas the first time around thought about someone else. Or, it's that instead of igniting rivalries, it inspired admiration and friendships. Or -- if you happen to play in the Richmond High School band -- it's that maybe you won't have to march anymore in 40-year-old pants. In April, Magic 105.1 conducted what amounted to a sociology experiment on the air. "How would you," asked Jim Harper and the Magic Morning Show, "give away $10,000?" The answer, resoundingly, was this: With enthusiasm, with imagination, and with an understanding that as much as we love Grandma, there are more vital things than whether she has a flat-screen TV. The giveaway was such a joyous success that Harper, his co-hosts and their secret donor are doing it again. Come July 12, some other worthy party will pick up a $10,000 check, be it to help pay for something useful or to help do something admirable... Magic 105.1 giveaway inspires charity (Thu, 6/10)







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