Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Sept. 12, 2010




Detroit News:

Sonny Eliot performed his last weathercast on the WWJ-AM airwaves Friday afternoon, departing "exacitally" as he'd started, in a flurry of one-liners, outrageous flirting and general bonhomie. "From now on it's all warm showers and clean pajamas, every night," the veteran weathercaster said on his way into the studio where anchors Jayne Bower and Bill Stevens awaited him. There were a few wistful moments as his colleagues watched the curtain come down on a 63-year career, but mostly laughter and the always faintly naughty quips. "It's good to see you sober!," he yelled to a WWJ salesman. Seeing an attractive woman would prompt mention of Room 401 at the Bluebird Motel, "and don't be late!" Bower noted that Sonny started at WWJ in 1947, to be exact... Sonny Eliot ends 63 years of weathercasting just like he started -- with jokes (Sun, 9/12)



Detroit Free Press:

Metro Detroit's favorite weatherman, Sonny Eliot, 89, gave his final forecast Friday on WWJ-AM (950). The station paid tribute to Eliot throughout the day before he took the mic for his final forecast at 4:20 p.m. He packed his final moments with some of his signature humor, letting listeners know that Saturday's temperatures would be "just warm enough to hatch alligator eggs" and that Sunday's thundershowers would "make things busier than a fat man's fork at a smorgasbord." Eliot closed his four-minute weathercast with these words: "Well, it's been fun. I look forward to the next set, wherever it is. And we'll do it all together again. You're all cordially invited. We'll all wile away the hours conferring with the flowers. To hell with the rain!" Eliot announced Thursday that he was retiring after more than 60 years in broadcasting in Detroit to spend more time with his wife and family... Sonny Eliot goes out joking (Sat, 9/11)







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