Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Sept. 28, 2010




Detroit News:

Nit-picking critics -- that includes all of us -- will be happy to hear that the second episode of ABC's new crime show "Detroit 1-8-7," airing tonight at 10 p.m., has an infusion of Detroit flavor: Polish flavor, to be exact. Part of the action takes place at a raucous Polish wedding (warning, sexual shenanigans are in play) on the Detroit Princess river boat. Local talent figures in: "Big Al" Muscovedo, of the now-defunct WOMC Dick Purtan morning show, plays a polka band leader who announces the traditional "money dance," or pani mloda. There's also some comic relief back at police headquarters when detectives try -- and fail -- to pronounce the last names of wedding guests called in as witnesses. The second episode also features numerous shots of the GM-logoed Renaissance Center, Hart Plaza (where a body is discovered), and many moody views of the Detroit River at night, dark water rippling ominously around the lit-up Princess. The city's late 19th/early 20th century housing stock -- those familiar, sturdy red brick or white frame buildings with second-floor balconies, and often, an iron-barred front door -- gives the right tone to the neighborhood scenes... 'Detroit 1-8-7' rolls on the river (Tue, 9/28)







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