Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Sept. 9, 2010




Detroit News:

Longtime weathercaster Sonny Eliot will open the mike for his last weathercast on WWJ at 4:20 p.m. Friday. Eliot's joke-filled weathercasts, as much shtick as science, first debuted on WWJ (950 AM) in 1950, when the station was still owned by The Detroit News. His decades on the air spanned huge changes in broadcasting, from the days of 1940s radio dramas like the Detroit-produced "Lone Ranger" and his early TV weathercasts, to today's Doppler radar reports. For decades Eliot delighted listeners -- and TV viewers on Channel 4, and then Channel 2 -- with an unrelenting barrage of quips, funny noises, unusual city names and -- on TV -- his ever-present marker and board, on which he'd scrawl made-up words like clilly (for "chilly and "cloudy") to describe the weather. WWJ will air special audio clips of Sonny throughout the day Friday, including many of his classic one-liners. A video tribute to Eliot will be up on Weathercaster Sonny Eliot on retirement: 'I hope I'll be missed' (Thu, 9/9)



Detroit Free Press:

Legendary TV and radio weathercaster Sonny Eliot is retiring from broadcasting, his radio station announced today. His last day at WWJ-AM (950) will be Friday. He debuted at that station in 1950, and over the years worked at multiple TV stations, most prominently Channels 4 and 2. He was perhaps best known for an irrepressible -- often zany -- sense of humor and his frequent shout-outs during his weathercasts to smaller cities around the state, a favorite being the tiny town of Engadine in the Upper Peninsula. Asked why the decision to retire came with such a short turnaround between the announcement and his last day, Eliot told the Free Press: "I just decided that if you're gonna do it, just do it. I don't play around"... Weathercaster Sonny Eliot set to retire (Thu, 9/9)







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