West Michigan: Newsmakers Sept. 22, 2010




Grand Rapids Press:

This week I started a new morning routine, just in time for the fall TV season and this thing called ArtPrize. Each weekday I get a chance to hang out with Citadel Broadcasting radio stations WHTS-FM (105.3), WTNR-FM (94.5), WLAV-FM (96.9) and WJRW-AM (1340). Each station plays a different format, and each one has its own style. So far it's been a little unpredictable, but fun. I start the day about 6:45 a.m. recording a few segments for news/talk stations WJRW-AM where I give a few tips of what to do in Grand Rapids, ala my Top 5. Those air at 7:57 a.m. and 1:57 p.m. weekdays. Also during ArtPrize, I'm offering a daily "ArtPrize Update" segment at 8:57 a.m. Many of them are the same tidbits you find in The Press, on our website or on my "Going Gonzo" blog... Making the rounds at WHTS, WTNR, WLAV and WJRW (Wed, 9/22)







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