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Commentary by Art Vuolo, Jr.

VuoloThe 2010 Motor City Radio Reunion is now history, and it was deemed a huge success by just about everybody who attended the event on Saturday night September 25th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Detroit suburb of Novi.

The entire evening flew by and the large number of e-mails and letters which have come in since that night have been overwhelmingly positive. Personally I want it understood, from the start, that this event did NOT just happen. It represented the hard work and long hours surrendered by the entire committee:

Murray Gula, a 25+ year radio veteran who hosts the weekend Home Improvement Show on Clear Channel's WDFN-AM (1130), all but ignored his business at Murray Gula Media Marketing ( and the MCPA in Oak Park, spending his days and nights handling the business end of this event. In June he built the impressive web site,, designing and sending out all web e-mails, tracking all accounting and ticket sales, arranging for the entertainment and videotaping and lastly producing, directing and streaming the event live on the Internet. Murray truly acted as the "team leader". He was the first to start the Home Improvement Show on WJR-AM (760) and to stream a live and local Internet Home Show on WXYZ-TV Channel 7 in Detroit. He can be reached at

Ida Goutman, who runs her own professional event planning and production business, known as "Amazing Events," spent countless hours tending to the production of the beautiful printed program, the outstanding decorations in the hotel ballroom, and the business coordination of many aspects of the Reunion too numerous to list here. We simply could not have done it without her expertise and professional abilities period. I strongly recommend her for YOUR next event. Ida can be reached at

Jo-Jo Shutty MacGregor, unquestionably the best known traffic reporter in the Motor City, dating all the way back to her days married to the late CKLW 20/20 newsman Byron MacGregor and her broadcasts from the Big 8 Traffic-Copter! Her large roll-o-dex of names and numbers helped in getting over forty (40) CKLW alums to the event. She also worked hard on assisting in marketing and providing a large archive of photos from past years of the Motor City Radio Reunions. Jo-Jo can be reached at

Art Vuolo, Jr., I was unjustifiably credited with putting the entire reunion together and nothing could be farther from the truth. It was a "team effort" and without the help of the other three just described, it would never have come off as such a successful event. The radio and print media all know who I am and positioned this event as my doing. It was not. The party at my home, the next day, was to be an Open House "afterglow." It happened to be just ahead of a significant birthday for myself, but that was NOT the purpose of the Sunday gathering. Reach me at

Others who contributed to the success of the Reunion and need to be acknowledged include: Our legendary emcee Dick Purtan, Steve King and The Dittilies ( for his incredible live band, Carl Freidlander of Super Video in Southfield (, Arnie Dorton of Arnie Martin DJ services (, Orange Dragin Productions (, plus cameramen from Specs Howard School of Media Arts ( and Ray D. Glasser (main camera) from Cleveland, OH ( Thanks also to Scott MacKinnon for the radio station logo montage that graced the stage. Additionally, special thanks to Ms. Kathy Charnley event coordinator for the hotel, all of the honorees and their families, along with Rev. George Charnley of St. James Catholic Church in Novi for the invocation. Lastly, thanks to this web site's very own Mike Austerman for creating a informative power-point presentation listing the call-letters used on every AM and FM in the Detroit area! Thanks too to Steve Schram for the idea.

If I left anyone out, it was not intentional, but a Reunion of this magnitude could only happen with the combined efforts of dozens of people and NO one single individual.

A DVD of the entire evening has been produced and will be available via the official reunion web site soon. Profits will be donated to our designated charity, the Belle Isle Aquarium and off-setting our expenses.

Again, we all want to thank you for attending, and if you missed it, be sure to get the DVD. Even if you were there, the video will be a last memory of wonderful time when Detroit's storied radio community came together for one last time.

Finally, for the many who have stated "this simply can't be the final reunion," well it is for me. If another group would like to take on such an event in another five or six years, I wish them the best of luck. Personally, I'm tired. It's been a fun ride with four reunions in; 1988, 1998, 2005 and 2010. At the risk of a law suite from the estate of Bob Hope, "Thanks for the Memories."

Art Vuolo Jr.

Reach Art Vuolo at or visit his web site at







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