Northern Michigan: Newsmakers Oct. 27, 2010




It looks like musicFIRST's "deeply troubled" reaction to the NAB's performance royalty offer is far from the most critical. NORTHERN BROADCASTING GM CHARLIE FERGUSON, who oversees the company's six stations in TRAVERSE CITY-PETOSKEY, MI, has sent the NAB a letter, canceling the radio group's membership in the organization. "It's been bothering me for quite a while, FERGUSON said. "The idea that radio should be paying artists to play their music strikes me as silly. We have had a mutually beneficial relationship with the artists ever since radio started playing records at KDKA/PITTSBURGH, when record stores offered records for the station to play for mentions that they came from the record store. That's how the radio advertising industry came about. The way I see it, every time we play a DOOBIE BROS. song, we're giving them a free three-and-a-half-minute commercial. I got fed up with the NAB's attitude about wanting to settle this, he continued, "We don't have to have to settle anything. We need to preserve the current relationship we have with the artists. We already flipped one of our FM stations to Talk -- and it saved us $40,000 in music royalties by switching to Talk ... and we're just in a little tiny market."... Northern Broadcasting Quits NAB Over Performance Rights Offer (Wed, 10/27)







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