West Michigan: Newsmakers Oct. 26, 2010




Grand Rapids Press:

I wasn't able to attend Sunday night's KO Cancer 2010, an event featuring local celebrity boxers, all competing in the name of cancer research for the Van Andel Research Institute. What I missed: Christian "Bad News" Frank of WXMI-TV (Fox 17) landing a mean right hook and knocking down Joe "Flounder" Piesz of Thunder 94.5 WTNR-FM. The boxing match was organized by Frank's Knockout Fitness and took place at the Intersection. The celebrity match-ups and results: Ellen "The Kardashian" Tailor, co-host of the "Todd Chance Radio Show" on of Hot FM (105.3), fought to a draw against Hailey "The Comet" Frances of Fox 17... Christian Frank of Fox 17 knocks down Flounder of Thunder 94.5 at KO Cancer 2010 (Mon, 10/25)







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