Format flip coming to West Michigan soon?




Clear Channel's operations in the Grand Rapids and Muskegon markets are perhaps preparing for a format switch to one or more of their radio stations. The rumors of news-talk WOOD AM 1300 adding an FM simulcast were first mentioned on the Michigan Radio & TV Buzzboard here on November 11th and yesterday the company's 105.7 officially changed call sign from WOOD-FM to WSRW-FM, adding a bit of evidence that a shakeup indeed might be on the horizon. FM 105.7 had been known as WOOD-FM since it first signed on in 1962 but since 2001 has de-emphasized the calls in favor of its Star FM moniker.

Possibilities for a FM simulcast of WOOD AM would be on one of Clear Channel's other FM's in either Grand Rapids or Muskegon. Those stations include country WBCT 93.7, sports WMAX 96.1, rock WBFX 101.3, rock WMRR 101.7, contemporary hits WSNX 104.5, country WMUS 106.9 or soft rock WSHZ 107.9. While WBCT and WSNX should essentially be viewed as 'untouchable' at this point due to their ratings success, a popular theory amongst the Buzzboarders is that the country format of WMUS could move to 107.9 with the news-talk format of WOOD landing on 106.9. The adult format of what's now WSRW-FM covers much of the same listening area of the similarly-formatted WSHZ on 107.9.

According to FCC files as of earlier today, none of the other Clear Channel stations above have applied to take on the WOOD-FM call sign.







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