Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Nov. 16, 2010




WESTWOOD ONE and HARPO RADIO, INC. has syndicated "The GAYLE KING Show" on RADIO ONE News/Talk WCHB-A/DETROIT. The two-hour daily talk program airs on weekdays at 6p. "The GAYLE KING show is exactly what we've been looking for and it only makes sense to launch it on DETROIT's ONLY Urban News/Talk station," RADIO ONE/DETROIT PD MS. SMILEY said. "We are pleased to welcome WCHB-A to the WESTWOOD ONE and HARPO RADIO family," WESTWOOD ONE EVP Affiliate Sales DENNIS GREEN said... Gayle King Lands On WCHB (Tue, 11/16)

MOJO IN THE MORNING is proud to announce the release of "Phone Scams Volume 14" the latest limited-edition collectible CD from CLEAR CHANNEL Top 40 WKQI (CHANNEL 955)/DETROII's ginormously-rated morning show. The two-disc set is on sale now for $12.95 at all METRO DETROIT BEST BUY locations and online by clicking here. "This is our best CD yet!" says CHANNEL 955's MOJO. "This is the first time SPIKE got help from a celebrity (LUDACRIS) to scam a listener." Disc one features over 30 scams including a phone scam on MIRANDA COSGROVE (iCARLY), a phone scam with Hip-Hop legend LUDACRIS, and MOJO scamming his co-host SPIKE... Mojo In The Morning's Phone Scams Vol. 14 Is Released (Tue, 11/16)



Ann Arbor's WTKA offering Michigan fans book deal

Sports Talk 1050 WTKA and Lone Wolfe Press have come up with a solution for gift giving as we head into the holiday season. "For Michigan Fans Only" is an in-depth look at Michigan Sports from the people who know them best, the fans. Written by best selling author of over 40 sports related works, Rich Wolfe, "For Michigan Fans Only" is a hard cover, quality, easy to read look at athletics at the University of Michigan in the format of fan stories.

Available exclusively for purchase online until next year, true Michigan fans will revel in the opportunity to experience these stories before anyone else. Packed with color photos, "For Michigan Fans Only" will be a welcome addition to any die-hard's collection. The book will retail for $24.95.

"I have a lot of fun writing these books and I think that shows through when people read them" said author Rich Wolfe, "People get excited about the books". Divided into 6 chapters, each section looks at the many different aspects of Michigan Athletics and the stories that make them great. "The loyalty and the passion that these Michigan fans have is just outstanding" commented Wolfe, "The Ohio State chapter is really great. It gives a whole new perspective on the rivalry between the two schools".

Like Michigan athletics however, this book couldn't simply blend in with the pack. Lone Wolfe Press has decided to place the entire book online at no charge. Readers will be able to scan all of the material that will make this book stand above the rest and see for themselves if they would like to add this to their collection. "If people see the entire book and see how it's different from other books, then they can really see that this is a great gift for their loved ones" said Wolfe.

Michigan fans around the world will be blown away with stories from names like Tom Ufer, Gary Moeller, Archie Griffin, and Tom Brady Sr.

Copies can be ordered today by going to and clicking on the "For Michigan Fans Only" link.







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