Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Nov. 1, 2010





When I was a teenager I wanted a job at Harmony House so I could work in "the music biz." Now, imagine attending a high school where you actually produce and deejay your own professional radio show. Students at Salem High School live that experience every day on WSDP 88.1-FM, The Escape. With their fourth annual pledge drive approaching, it's an opportunity for listeners, alumni and friends to support the station. Broadcasting from a little, cluttered studio on the second floor of their school, the walls are covered with promotional rock posters and photos of radio staffs past. Since 1972, they've been playing the new music, high school sports, local news and community programming for the Plymouth-Canton area. It's easy to find them. They're the first station on your FM dial (although the frequency does start fading out on your car radio near where I-275 meets I-696.) With many awards credited to their WSDP call letters, they've also been voted the high school station of the year by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and continue to be an integral part of the school curriculum... Salem High's School Of Rock (Fri, 10/29)







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