Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Nov. 9, 2010




Detroit News:

Jay Towers understands that he looks a wee bit goofy on his billboards. The thing is, he's supposed to. And the other thing is ... Hey! He's on billboards! In these days of slashed budgets and depressed promotion managers, pick a freeway and he's hovering above it. Some places, like on northbound I-75 heading out of downtown, he's on two, a few seconds apart. It's the most aggressive outdoor advertising campaign around here since that personal injury lawyer with the long blond hair, and raise your hand if you remember her name and phone number. If you've seen the towers of Towers, though, you probably don't need to ask what he's doing with himself these days. You might not know all of it -- he's basically using six alarm clocks to hold down four jobs -- but yes, in the mornings he's on WNIC-FM. Or rather, WNIC! 100.3! Pointing at you, with his mouth open and his teeth gleaming and his hands folded into finger-guns! Or wearing a bathrobe and holding a spoon over a red-and-white cereal bowl! The second wave started a few weeks ago, and the truth is, he says, he's still catching grief from friends about the first wave... WNIC puts Jay Towers' fun-loving mug all over Metro area (Tue, 11/9)







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