West Michigan: Newsmakers Nov. 8, 2010




Grand Rapids Press:

Fans of the radio show "Mouth 2 Mouth," which was canceled Friday by WOOD-AM 1300, continue to express outrage over the loss of the locally produced show. WOOD-AM 1300 this morning began airing the syndicated Glenn Beck Program during the 9 a.m. to noon slot formerly occupied by Scott Winters and Michelle McKormick. Listeners questioned the wisdom of the decision.

"We have no call-in program now in Grand Rapids for the citizens to voice and discuss the matters that affect Grand Rapids and its outlying metro areas," said Susan Draaisma, of Ada, in an email to The Grand Rapids Press. "I think WOOD is going to regret this decision."

Lucy Martin emailed to say she only listened to WOOD-AM 1300 for "Mouth 2 Mouth."

"Sometimes, they were a bit much, but I did enjoy listening to them," Martin said. "Big mistake on WOOD's part."

On Monday, WOOD-AM general manager Tim Feagan said the station made a business decision. "Scott and Michelle did a great job for us, but as Beck continues to grow, and grow nationally, we had to make the move to bring him to our premiere outlet of WOOD AM-1300." Winters this morning said he couldn't comment other than to confirm he and McKormick had been let go... Fans of local radio show 'Mouth 2 Mouth', canceled by WOOD radio for Glenn Beck, express outrage (Mon, 11/8)







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