Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec. 23, 2010




Detroit News:

The first day of school this fall for Christy McDonald's 6-year-old also was the day wind-whipped fire skittered across Detroit and scorched 85 buildings. McDonald had the standard list of questions for Caroline: How was it? Who are your friends? What did you think of the teacher? But she had to ask them over the phone from a WXYZ-TV truck on the east side, with sirens blaring in the background. It's never easy to balance kids and work, but it's harder when your hours and whereabouts depend on whether power lines hold up in a stiff breeze or some crackhead decides it's a good day to knock over a bank.

"Unpredictability," McDonald said, "is not workable for me right now." And that's why, as of Wednesday, she no longer works for Channel 7.

It was a friendly parting from a dream job. The station graciously let her walk away from an anchor desk and go part-time five years ago, and she'll always appreciate that. But now there are two more kids -- to the ever-sensitive viewers who sent e-mails, yes, she wasgetting fat -- and there's no more part-time position... TV reporter puts kids first (Thu, 12/23)







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