Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Dec. 15, 2010





A popular Lansing morning show host is off the air. Rich Michaels - host of the "Michaels in the Morning" show at WMMQ - was fired by Citadel Broadcasting on Wednesday. Michaels has been on the Lansing airwaves at one station or another for more than 20 years. Michaels, who says he's encouraged and supported unemployed callers to his show over the years, now finds himself in the same situation.

"I think everybody's going through this. I'm not special," Michaels said. "I actually wish I could talk to people now in a way because I'm in it. It's 10 days to Christmas and I don't have a job. Something better will happen."

Matt Hanlon, who runs the Citadel stations in Michigan, says the company and Michaels "parted company" because the station made a decision "to move in a different direction."

Michaels' co-host Deb Hart, another long-time radio presence, will remain with the station, Hanlon said... Popular Lansing DJ Loses His Job (Wed, 12/15)







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