Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Dec. 31, 2010




Flint Journal:

CK 105.5Stephanie Confer is a morning show DJ on WWCK 105.5 FM radio. How did you get into radio? I was doing theater, commercials and stage plays. I was in the middle of a murder mystery show. Jim Johnson saw me and asked all my friends, "Do you think Stephanie would be interested in doing radio?" He never did ask me, just all my friends. They said they thought I would. About a month later he called. I was still in college then. I had gone back to college after having my kids. I told him, "I have the face for radio but I've never done it." I love it. You can help people on their commute, let them know when there's a problem on the roads and how to get around it, make them laugh. What is the best part of your job? You can really help people. This year we (did) the 12 Days of Christmas and gave gifts to 12 families in need. It gives me the chance to help the community... Meet your Neighbor: Stephanie Confer, morning show DJ (Fri, 12/31)







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