Sales / Transactions / FCC Actions: Jan. 25, 2011





• Silent FM translator W230BI 93.9 Rochester Hills has been granted a construction permit for changes: frequency to 94.3, location from Rochester Hills to Royal Oak Township, power from 250 watts @ 112 feet to 99 watts @ 909 feet directional and community of license to Detroit.

The translator would be co-located with owner Radio Power's other Detroit-area translator on FM 104.7. Both translators list WRCJ-FM 90.9 as the station they will be rebroadcasting on applications with the FCC; this may change in the near future as WRCJ does not require fill-in assistance in the part of metro Detroit these translators will serve and WRCJ also does not currently broadcast in HD with secondary streams.

When operating, the translators could disappoint area listeners of full-power stations from nearby Detroit (WIOT 104.7 Toledo, OH and CKSY 94.3 Chatham, ON) as they will either eliminate reception of WIOT and CKSY or drastically increase interference. WIOT's protected service area only extends into the southern portion of the Detroit metro area and CKSY does not have any protected service area in the USA.


• Low power TV station WLPC-LP Ch. 26 Detroit has applied for special temporary authority to resume analog operations on Ch. 38; the station was asked by the CRTC (Canada's broadcast regulator) to stop its analog broadcasts on Ch. 26; Windsor's CHWI-TV Ch. 60 moved to Ch. 26 earlier this month. WLPC has a construction permit for a digital companion channel on Ch. 40.


• Low power TV station W67CS Ch. 67 Sault Ste. Marie has been granted a construction permit to flash-cut to digital operations on Channel 28.


• Recent sign-on WSMZ FM 88.3 Crystal Valley (near Hart) was granted its license to cover to increase power from 1,100 to 1,500 watts.







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