West Michigan: Newsmakers Feb. 13, 2011




Muskegon Chronicle:

WYCEThree local groups have been nominated for community radio station WYCE-FM's annual Jammie honors. The Jammies applaud Michigan's, specifically West Michigan's, best music, and winners will be announced Tuesday night at The Intersection in Grand Rapids. Award nominees from Muskegon include folk duo Max & Ruth Bloomquist, rockers Four Finger Five, and blues band The Vincent Hayes Project. Go to grcmc.org/radio for information... Muskegon-area bands vie for WYCE-FM Jammie Awards (Sun, 2/13)



Grand Rapids Press:

Truth be told, I've never worn jammies to the Jammies. I mean, who could sleep through an event like this? Community radio station WYCE-FM's annual tribute to the best music in West Michigan and beyond has turned into a lively, jam- (and jammies-) packed show that's a must-attend event for musicians, fans and anyone with a passing interest in regional music. On Tuesday night at The Intersection, the 12th edition of the Jammies will roll out 26 musical performances on two stages, with awards doled out in 16 categories, including a few new ones for 2011. Admission is free and those wearing pajamas (or donating food/clothing to charity) can take their pick from CDs offered up by WYCE, which is why so many people I'm sure choose to wear nightgowns, slippers and daffy nightcaps... No dozing at the Jammies; awards show thrills fans and musicians, honors Michigan bands (Sun, 2/13)







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