Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers March 29, 2011




The State News:

WDBMWith a proposed cut of up to $430 million from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting adding to the constant array of changes facing radio broadcasting, the futures of the medium and the students pursuing it as a career are in limbo. Gary Reid, general manager of Impact (89FM), MSU's student radio station, said many of the 120 students who work for Impact have expressed concern to him about the future of news. Impact consists mostly of music-based programing, but it also has a daily news program called Impact Exposure, which is similar to the style of National Public Radio, or NPR, programs such as "This American Life" and "The Rest of the Story," Reid said. Numerous students have gone on from Impact to work for NPR.

"Over the years, broadcasting in general and radio in general (have) moved away from objective journalism -- we've come to expect a certain amount of subjectivity," Reid said. "In-depth radio is the last vestige of objective journalism. NPR is perceived as being a journalistic bastion."

Music education senior Emily Fox said she has known she wanted to work for NPR for the past two years. She spoke to a few NPR affiliate stations in Michigan, inquiring about job opportunities after she graduates. Most told her now is not the time to apply, she said. But Fox said she views public radio as being as crucial as ever... Federal cuts affect MSU radio, students (Mon, 3/28)







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