Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers March 2, 2011





Late last year, ALL ACCESS reported CITADEL Classic Rock WMMQ/LANSING morning maven RICH MICHAELS had been fired (NET NEWS 12/16/2010). MICHAELS had been on the LANSING airwaves at one station or another for more than 20 years. Now, MICHAELS is fighting back against his former employer, claiming "they are trying to bankrupt me and lock me out of work."

MICHAELS told ALL ACCESS, "I had no choice but to sign one of those 1 year non-competes, against my better judgment. Now, I'm like kryptonite because nobody wants to engage litigation. And it isn't as easy as driving 60 miles away to another market because CITADEL has locked up much of MICHIGAN."

He has taken his fight to the web, posting a long explaination of "Why am I not on the air?" at www.richmichaels.com... Former WMMQ Morning Man Fights Non-Compete He Claims Is 'Destroying' His Ability To Earn A Living (Wed, 3/2)



Lansing State Journal:

WKAR-TVA TV tradition returns today: WKAR-TV will beg for our money again. Don't fret: This time, especially, it will also entertain us. There will be new concert specials with Harry Connick Jr., Billy Joel, David Foster and piles of guest stars. There will be a new "Laugh-In" collection and a portrait of James Taylor and Carole King.

"The arts, in general, do extremely well" at pledge time, said Paula Kerger, the PBS president.

That's been part of an effort to create bigger national specials for pledge drives. "Stations are always asking PBS for new programs," said DeAnne Hamilton, the WKAR general manager.

And at times, the stations have surprises of their own. On Saturday, WKAR shows a moving film - made for the 50th anniversary of a shipping tragedy - that captures the maritime world of Rogers City, north of Alpena on Lake Huron. Those new specials are joined by the usual suspects, during the 19-day drive... From Harry Connick Jr. to a new 'Laugh In,' WKAR uses top-notch entertainment to attract much needed financial support (Tue, 3/1)







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