Metro Detroit: Newsmakers April 3, 2011




Detroit News:

Alan Muskovitz was on his way to Florida, taking a week off from his year off, when he had a sudden, piercing thought. He's been trying not to overdo the cogitation, but he found himself wondering nonetheless: if he were still on the radio with Dick Purtan, what would he be doing about the royal wedding? It's been 53 weeks since Purtan signed off at WOMC-FM (104.3), leaving Muskovitz to fend for himself and actually get some sleep for a change. Known as Big Al Muskavito during his 14 full-time years on a truly iconic show, Muskovitz wrote scripts, acted them out, and did upward of 60 different voices. For a stage performance that happened to fall on Purtan's birthday, he also dressed like Marilyn Monroe and sang a breathy "Happy Birthday." Few people can (or would) claim that skill set, and it's one that Muskovitz is only now figuring out how to apply to life off the air. That takes us back to the original question about the royal wedding, and the answer was obvious... After Purtan show's end, Big Al Muskavito reinventing himself (Sun, 4/3)



Obit: Rev. Dr. Mikal Featchurs, market representative for Smile FM in Monroe

Mikal Featchurs was born in Hennings, Tenn. on May 17, 1951. He was blessed as one of six children born into a Christian family from the union of the late Edward Featchurs and the late Eliza (McDaniel) Featchurs. Mikal was a 1969 graduate of Woodward High School... Monroe News Obituary (Wed, 3/30)







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