WSHJ Southfield brings back alumni for fundraiser




Radio superstars Pat St. John, Dave Fuller, Big Al Muskovitz, and many more are lending their time and talent to their broadcasting roots at Southfield Public Schools' radio station, WSHJ 88.3 FMWSHJ, to help support its 11th annual radiothon to raise money for station expenses.

In operation since 1967, WSHJ 88.3 is one of the forerunners of educational broadcasting in Michigan. Several former members have gone on to have very successful careers ranging from broadcasting to media entrepreneurship. The radiothon, scheduled to kick-off at 1 P.M. on Friday, April 29th and end Saturday, April 30th at 6 A.M., will be informative, historical, and entertaining!

Listeners are in for a 'Blast from the Past' as WSHJ alumni, dating back to the 70s, get behind the mic for a ride down memory lane.

This year, you'll be able to tune in to some old favorites that haven't graced the airwaves since vinyl albums were in style. Current members will also be on hand, intermixing their own 21st century flavor.

The funds raised from this year's radiothon will go towards several important endeavors.

The first is WSHJ's annual $500 dollar senior scholarship. This award is granted to a deserving senior pursuing a career in broadcasting. Monies raised from the radiothon will also help defray the cost of our end of the year banquet, which is a culminating activity designed to highlight the station's accomplishments throughout the year, while honoring its graduating members.

The final goal of the radiothon is to raise enough money to cover audio steaming cost. Streaming an audio signal would enable the station to be heard over the internet, thereby generating the potential for worldwide listenership.

If you are interested in making a cash donation or assisting in any other way please contact WSHJ Station Advisor, Julea Ward, via email at wardjc@southfield.k12.mi or WSHJ Music Manager, Alex Butler, at 248-943-3934 or







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