Four of seven new Michigan FM allocations claimed in FCC Auction




The bidding has ended in the FCC's Auction 91 with only four bids being made on the seven available FM allocations in Michigan. Three of the four bids were made in the first round on three different frequencies and wound up being successful. The fourth was made in the sixth round and also was successful. All four bids were made at the opening price for their respective allocation.

Next steps before these allocations hit the air include making payment to the FCC, engineering planning, and the application and approval of construction permits. The entire process could take several years.

The four allocations that were bid on were in Ferrysburg, Cheyboygan, Pentwater, and Onaway. The three allocations that will remain with the FCC to be offered again during a future auction were in Fife Lake, Crystal Falls, and Harrison.

Despite a large number of qualified bidders, only 108 of the 144 available allocations were bid on nationwide.


  • Class A   93.1 Ferrysburg - WGHN, Inc for $100,000 (round 1)
  • Class C3  97.7 Cheboygan- Del Reynolds for $15,000 (round 1)
  • Class A   103.9 Pentwater - Lopester Broadcasting for $15,000 (round 6)
  • Class C2  106.3 Onaway - Michigan Broadcasters LLC for $20,000 (round 1)
  • Class C3  95.9 Fife Lake - no bids
  • Class C2  103.9 Crystal Falls - no bids
  • Class A   103.9 Harrison - no bids







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