Newsmakers and links: June 26, 2011




Detroit News:

There's a point in your life where you'll walk around for hours with ice cream on your face, and then suddenly one day you realize, "This is sticky." Or you'll eat Tootsie Rolls, fistfuls of them, and then one day you'll take a bite and think, "This tastes like wax -- and not even good wax." Or you'll leave Barbie dolls scattered around your room -- we're mostly talking girls here, but play along -- and they won't be wearing any clothes, and your mom will wonder if she's missing something important. But all she's really missing is what's obvious when you're 7 years old. Christy McDonald, the former WXYZ-TV newscaster, writes a thoroughly entertaining blog at

Full story: Former TV newscaster reports on what's important (Sun, 6/26)







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