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Two Michigan high school radio stations to help celebrate High School Radio Day on May 16

High school radio stations in the United States will come together for one day of celebration May 16 when the first-ever High School Radio Day is launched.

Since there are so few high schools with radio stations, organizers hope that High School Radio Day will raise a greater awareness of the ones that are still broadcasting after so many have been shut down due to school district budget cuts.

A website has been created to publicize the activities planned by participating stations on May 16: Schools can register their stations on that site with a link to their station website. The day will include an open video call where stations will be able to talk to one another and share technical expertise, fundraising events, programming and promotion ideas.

High School Radio Day comes on the heels of College Radio Day that occurred last October. Though College Radio Day did allow high school stations to register, organizers felt that high school stations should have their own day. High School Radio Day founder Pete Bowers (Station Manager, WBFH-FM, Bloomfield Hills, MI) decided to hold the day in May since the first U.S. high school radio station, WNAS, went on the air in May, 1949.

Bowers estimates that there are only about 200 high schools in the nation with either a terrestrial over-the-air non-commercial, educational radio station or an internet-only radio station. "And that number is dropping," said Bowers. "That's why we need to unite on High School Radio Day and make the public aware of what we do, how we do it, and the service we provide our communities," he said.

Two high school radio stations from Michigan have registered as a Participating Schools. WBFH-FM in Bloomfield Hills and WSDP-FM in Canton will be two of the schools in the nation promoting High School Radio Day.

Bowers knows that this inaugural High School Radio Day will be just the start of what he hopes will be an annual event. Participating high school stations are listed on Students and advisors at those stations will be reaching out to potential listeners in their broadcast area and online to give them a listen and be prepared to hear creative programming not heard on commercial stations.

CBS RADIO Top 40/Mainstream WDZH (98.7 AMP RADIO)/DETROIT and its sister stations are teaming with the anti-bullying movement DEFEAT THE LABEL to join an international call to action against bullying that will take place across the world. The stations along with WYCD, WOMC, WXYT, WWJ-A and WXYT-A will join millions of students, teachers and parents across 170 countries on MAY 4th, 2012 at noon ET in unison against bullying.

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Detroit News:

Pepper liked to nest beneath the silverware drawer. That would have been a good story to tell -- how she'd fly right over the forks and spoons, land on the back of the open bin and ease herself down. Or the neon sign story. That's a good one, too, says Dr. Don Carpenter, and he probably would have told it if only he'd been able to choke the words out.

Full story: One spicy parrot: Bird owner stirs hearts with tales of Pepper (Tue, 5/1)







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