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Happy New Year!



Detroit News:

Charlie Langton isn't blaming his bosses, and neither should you. If you want to blame his bosses' bosses, though, that's fine. Somewhere in the upper reaches of a New York skyscraper, CBS Radio executives decided that what Detroit really needs is an all-sports station packed with syndicated hosts who don't know who's coaching third base for the Tigers, don't care, and are only marginally aware that Comerica Park actually has a third base.

Full story: Charlie Langton's WXYT-AM morning show to be replaced by sports radio (Mon, 12/31)

CBS Sports Radio launches this week in several big city markets including Detroit, and its lineup will include two former TV and radio personalities with ties to the area.

Full story: CBS Sports Radio to enter Detroit market this week. Can area support three sports stations? (Mon, 12/31)



Fine Tuning:

  • In addition to WXYT AM's flip back to sports, Detroit AM station WDTW 1310 is expected to go silent at midnight tonight. The station's license is in the process of being donated by Clear Channel and it is expected that the broadcast towers for the station will be torn down soon. It will likely be months before the station resumes broadcasting under a new owner.

  • Following the Christmas holiday and the end of all-Christmas radio formats across the state, there were no format flips noted.







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