Newsmakers and links: May 7, 2013




As the month of May began, so did Lee Monday's retirement, after 42 years in the radio business. Although his alarm will no longer start chiming at 3 a.m., its likely that Monday - who is lesser known by the name Dave Ernst - will have trouble staying asleep past the hour he has been waking up for 12 years, during his tenure at Delta College Public Radio, WUCX Q90.1.

Full story: Lee Monday leaves Delta College's WUCX after over four decades in radio (Tue, 5/7)



Fine Tuning:

  • Two of the three FM Class A allocations that were up for bid during the FCC's Auction 94 have winning bidders: WGHN, Inc. won FM 97.7 Ludington with a winning bid of $7500 and Michael A. Payne won FM 103.9 Harrison with a winning bid of $7900. The final allocation that was available during Auction 94, FM 102.7 Evart, did not generate any bids.







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