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Commentary by Art Vuolo, Jr.

While Mitch Albom is on a heavy schedule of promoting his new book "The First Call From Heaven," listeners are in for a treat once again as Big Al and Ed Kelly sit in for the author/talk host. Big Al Muskovito, as he was called for many years on the Dick Purtan Show at WOMC, is wildly entertaining and very funny. When you add in the multi-voiced Ed Kelly it gets even better. Then toss in Kevin O'Neill on traffic and STOP THE MUSIC! Oh, that's right there is no music on WJR. It's a talk show for God's sake!

A few weeks ago when Kevin and Big Al (who's not as big as he once was...weight-wise) did a show together, I phoned WJR program director Kevin Metheny and told him to sign these two guys to a long-term contract immediately. It was, hands-down, the most entertaining radio I have heard on the 760 AM frequency in a very long time.

What a joy it is to listen to a program where I hear nothing about Obama-Care or democrats versus republicans and hatred being spewed all over the giant 50,000 watts of the Great Voice of the Great Lakes. If you read this in time, Big Al & Ed plus Kevin will be available on WJR-AM 5 pm till 7 pm Monday and Tuesday November 18th and 19th. DO NOT MISS IT!

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