Call Sign Origins, Michigan Radio and TV

Note! Stations pulling 1 letter of their call sign out for a slogan ARE NOT included in this list.

Current Stations:
WAAM Ann Arbor: Ann Arbor Michigan
WABJ Adrian: Adrian Business Journal
WADL Mt. Clemens: Adell Broadcasting (owner)
WAHS Auburn Hills: Avondale High School
WAKL Flint: K-Love
WAOR Niles: Album-Oriented Rock
WAUS Berrien Springs: Andrews University
WAVC Mio: River's Waves (1)
WAYK Kalamazoo: Way FM Kalamazoo
WBBL Grand Rapids: The Ball
WBCH Hastings: Barry County Hastings
WBCH Hastings: Worlds Best County Hits
WBCK Battle Creek: Battle Creek
WBCM Boyne City: Boyne City, Michigan (2)
WBCT Grand Rapids: World's Biggest Country Transmitter
WBFH Bloomfield Hills: Bloomfield Hills
WBFN Battle Creek: Battle Creek's The Fan
WBFX Grand Rapids: The Fox
WBKP Calumet: Beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula
WBLD W. Bloomfield: West Bloomfield High
WBLU Grand Rapids: Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
WBLV Whitehall: Blue Lake Variety
WBLW Gaylord: We Broadcast Living Words
WBMI West Branch: West Branch Michigan
WBNZ Frankfort: Benzie County
WBRN Big Rapids: Big Rapids Michigan
WBSF Bay City: WB Saginaw Flint
WBUP Ishpeming: Beautiful Upper Peninsula
WBZV Hudson: Buzz 102.5
WCAR Livonia: Car = reference to Auto Capital
WCBN Ann Arbor: Campus Broadcasting Network
WCBY Cheboygan: Cheboygan
WCCW Traverse City: Cherry Capital of the World
WCEN Mt. Pleasant: Central Michigan
WCFX Mt. Pleasant: Foxy 95 (3)
WCHB Taylor: Wendell Cox & Haley Ball (owners)
WCHW Bay City: Central Handy Western (16)
WCKC Cadillac: KC Country (25)
WCML Alpena: Central Michigan University Alpena
WCMM Manistique: Country Music Machine
WCMU Mt. Pleasant: Central Michigan University
WCMV Cadillac: Central Michigan University
WCMW Manistee: Central Michigan University (West MI)
WCRZ Flint: Carz 108
WCSG Grand Rapids: College and Seminary of Grand Rapids
WCSR Hillsdale: We are Community Service Radio
WCSX Detroit: CSX = 'Classics' (Classic Rock)
WCSY South Haven: Cosy-FM
WCTP Bad Axe: Christian Theme Park
WCUP L'Anse: Upper Peninsula
WCZE Harbor Beach: Ed and Jennifer Czelada (owner)
WCZY Mt. Pleasant: Cozy-FM (4)
WDCP Bad Axe: Delta College
WDCQ Bay City: Delta College Quality
WDEE Detroit: We've Done Everything Else (now WLQV)
WDET Detroit: Detroit
WDFN Detroit: Detroit's Fan
WDIV Detroit: Detroit IV = 4 (Channel 4)
WDMJ Marquette: Daily Mining Journal (owner)
WDMK Detroit: Detroit Michigan's Kiss-FM
WDOW Dowagiac: Dowagiac
WDWO Detroit: Detroit World Outreach (owner)
WEFG Whitehall: Eagle Forever Great
WEMU Ypsilanti: Eastern Michigan University
WEXL Royal Oak: We Excell
WEYI Saginaw: EYI taken as a loose reference to CBS' 'Eye' when the station was a CBS affiliate
WFBE Flint: Flint Board of Education (owner) (19)
WFCX Leland: The Fox
WFDF Flint: Frank D. Fallain (owner)
WFDX Atlanta: The Fox
WFLT Flint: Flint
WFNT Flint: Flint
WFPM Battle Creek: We're First Pentecostal Ministries
WFQX Cadillac: Fox 33
WFUM Flint: Flint University of Michigan
WFUR Grand Rapids: Furniture City Broadcasting (owner)
WFXD Marquette: Fox 103
WGDN Gladwin: Gladwin
WGER Bay City: Gerity Broadcasting (owner)
WGFM Cheboygan: Gold FM (5)
WGHN Grand Haven: Grand Haven
WGKL Gladstone: Kool 105.5
WGLM Greenville/Lakeview: Greenville / Lakeview / Montcalm
WGLQ Escanaba: Great Lakes Q
WGPR Detroit: 1- Grosse Pointe Radio
WGPR Detroit: 2- Where God's Power Radiates
WGRD Grand Rapids: Grand Rapids
WGRT Pt. Huron: Your Great Music Station
WGRY Grayling: Grayling
WGTO Cassopolis: Good Time Oldies
WGTU Traverse City: Grand Traverse
WGVK Kalamazoo: Grand Valley State- Kalamazoo
WGVS Muskegon: Grand Valley State U.
WGVU Grand Rapids: Grand Valley State University
WHAK Rogers City: Harvey A. Klann (owner)
WHEY N. Muskegon: Hey Radio
WHFB Benton Harbor: Heart of the Fruit Belt
WHFR Dearborn: Henry Ford Community College Radio
WHKB Houghton: Houghton Keweenaw and Baraga Counties
WHLS Port Huron: Harmon L. Stevens (owner)
WHMI Howell: Heart of Michigan
WHPR Highland Park: Highland Park Radio
WHTC Holland: Holland Tulip City
WHTS Coopersville: 105.3 Hot FM
WHWL Marquette: Witnessing His Wonderful Love
WIAA Interlochen: Interlochen Arts Academy
WIAB Mackinaw City: Interlochen Arts Academy
WICA Traverse City: Interlochen Center for the Arts
WICV East Jordan: Interlochen Center for the Arts
WIDG St. Ignace: Widge By the Bridge
WIDR Kalamazoo: Western Inter-Dormitory Radio
WIHC Newberry: Hot Country 97.9
WIKB Iron River: Iron Mountain Kingsford Brietung Twp.
WILX Onondaga: Lansing X (Roman number 10)
WILZ Pinconning: Wheelz 104.5 & 101
WIMI Ironwood: Ironwood Michigan
WIMK Iron Mountain: Iron Mountain / Kingsford
WIOG Bay City: Original dial position was 106
WION Ionia: Ionia
WIOS Tawas City: Iosco County
WIRX St. Joseph: 'Works'
WJBK Detroit: Jesus, Be Kind
WJIM Lansing: Jim Gross, son of original owner Harold Gross.
WJKN Jackson: Jackson
WJLB Detroit: John L. Booth (owner)
WJML Petoskey: John, Michael, and Linda Harrington (6)
WJMS Ironwood: 1- William Johnson Music Store
WJMS Ironwood: 2- St. James Hotel
WJNZ Kentwood: 1140 Jamz
WJR Detroit: Jewett Radio & Phonograph Co. (owner)
WJRT Flint: Was co-owned (Goodwill Stations) with WJR at the time of sign on
WJZJ Glen Arbor: Light Jazz (23)
WJZQ Cadillac: Smooth Jazz
WKAL Kalkaska: Kalkaska
WKBD Detroit: Kaiser Broadcasting Detroit (owner)
WKDS Kalmazoo: Kalamazoo District Schools
WKFR Battle Creek: Kalamazoo FM Radio
WKFR Battle Creek: Keener Fourteen Radio
WKHM Jackson: Fred Knorr, Harvey Hansen, Bill McCoy (owners)
WKJC Tawas City: John Carroll (owner)
WKJF Cadillac: Kalmazoo's John Fetzer
WKKM Harrison: King of Kountry Music
WKLA Ludington: Karl L. Ashbacker (owner)
WKLT Kalkaska: Kalkaska & Traverse City
WKLZ Kalamazoo: Kalamazoo
WKMI Kalamazoo: Kalamazoo, Michigan
WKNW Sault Ste. Marie: 'Know-AM'
WKNX Bay City: From KNX radio Los Angeles
WKPR Kalamazoo: William Kuiper (owner)
WKRK Detroit: K-Rock (15)
WKUF Flint: Kettering University Flint
WKZO Kalamazoo: Kalamazoo
WLAJ Lansing: Lansing and Jackson
WLAV Grand Rapids: Leonard Adrian Verslius (owner)
WLBY Saline: Liberal
WLCM Charlotte: Lansing's Christian Messenger
WLCS N. Muskegon: WLC Broadcasting Station (owner)
WLDR Traverse City: Long Distance Radio
WLEN Adrian: Lenawee County
WLGH Lansing: The Light
WLHT Grand Rapids: Light Music
WLJN Traverse City: 1- Lord Jesus' Name
WLJN Traverse City: 2- We're Lifting Jesus' Name
WLJZ Mackinaw City: Light Jazz (23)
WLKM Three Rivers: Welkome
WLNS Lansing: Lansing
WLPC Detroit: Plummer Communications (owner)
WLSO Sault Ste Marie: Lake Superior
WLUC Marquette: Lucky 6
WLXT Petoskey: Lite 96
WLXV Cadillac: Similar to sister station WLXT, Lite 96
WMAX Holland: Max FM
WMBN Petoskey: Michigan's Beautiful North
WMFN Zeeland: West Michigan's Financial News (27)
WMGC Detroit: Magic 105.1
WMHG Muskegon: Muskegon Heights
WMHW Mt. Pleasant: Wilbur Moore Hall Wireless
WMJH Rockford: Majic 810
WMJO Essexville: Joe FM
WMJZ Gaylord: Majic 95 (24)
WMKC St. Ignace: Mackinac
WMKG Muskegon: Muskegon
WMLM St. Louis: Middle of Lower Michigan
WMMI Shepherd: Mid-Michigan Info
WMMQ Charlotte: Mid-Michigan's Q-92 (29)
WMPC Lapeer: 1- First Methodist Protestant Church (owner)
WMPC Lapeer: 2- Where Many Preach Christ
WMPX Midland: Miles Patton (owner)
WMQT Ishpeming: Marquette
WMRR Muskegon: Muskegon Rock Radio
WMSD Rose City: We Magnify Sound Doctrine
WMTE Manistee: Manistee
WMTU Houghton: Michigan Technological University
WMUK Kalamazoo: Western Michigan University- Kalamazoo
WMUS Muskegon: Muskegon
WMXD Detroit: The Mix, Detroit
WMXG Stephenson: Mix 106.3
WMYD Detroit: My Network TV Detroit
WNBY Newberry: Newberry
WNEM Bay City: North Eastern Michigan Corp. (owner)
WNFA Port Huron: Wonderful News For All
WNFR Sandusky: Wonderful News Radio
WNGE Negaunee: Negaunee
WNIC Detroit: Detroit's Nicest Rock
WNFA Port Huron: Wonderful News For All
WNIL Niles: Niles
WNMC Traverse City: Northwestern Michigan College
WNMU Marquette: Northern Michigan University
WNWN Coldwater: Win 98.5
WNWZ Grand Rapids: News
WOAP Owosso: Owosso Argus Press (owner)
WOAS Ontonagon: Ontonagon Area Schools (owner)
WOBC Battle Creek: WOOD Battle Creek
WOCR Olivet: Olivet College Radio
WOES Ovid-Elsie: Ovid-Elsie Area Schools
WOHO Holland: WOOD Holland
WOKZ Kalamazoo: WOOD Kalamazoo
WOLV Houghton: The Wolf
WOMC Detroit: Wayne Oakland & Macomb Counties
WOMS Muskegon: WOOD Muskegon
WOOD Grand Rapids: Furnwood Broadcasting (owner) (9)
WOTV Battle Creek: Modified version of WOOD-TV (10)
WOUX Auburn Hills: Oakland University
WOVI Novi: Novi High School
WOWD Grand Rapids: WOOD Weather Department
WOWE Vassar: With Opportunity We Empower
WPBN Traverse City: Paul Bunyon Broadcasting Network
WPCJ Pittsford: We Proclaim Christ Jesus
WPHM Port Huron: Wonderful Port Huron, Michigan
WPHS Warren: Warren Public High School
WPNW Zeeland: Praise and Worship
WPON Pontiac: Pontiac
WPRJ Coleman: Praise Jesus
WPRR Ada: Public Reality Radio
WPXD Ann Arbor: Pax TV Detroit
WQAC Alma: 1- Alma College
WQAC Alma: 2- Quack (mascot is a duck)
WQBH Detroit- The Queen Broadcasts Here
WQKL Ann Arbor: Kool 107
WQLR Kalamazoo: Clear 106.5 FM (11)
WQTE Adrian: QTE = Cutie (12)
WQUS Lapeer: US 103
WRCL Frankenmuth: Club 93.7
WRDT Monroe: Word 560 Detroit
WRGZ Rogers City: Rogerz(s) City
WRHC Three Oaks: Radio Harbor Country
WRKR Portage: The Rocker
WRIF Detroit: After a musical term, guitar rif
WRSR Owosso: Soft Rock 103.9
WRUP Munising: Classic Rock Upper Peninsula
WSAM Saginaw: Saginaw Michigan
WSDP Plymouth: School Distric of Plymouth
WSDS Ypsilanti: We Serve Detroit's Suburbs
WSGW Saginaw: Saginaw
WSHJ Southfield: Southfield High Bluejays
WSHN Fremont: Stuart & Helene Noordyk (owners)
WSJM St. Joseph: St. Joseph, Michigan
WSMH Flint: We Show More Hits
WSNL Flint: Salt 'N Light
WSOO Sault Ste. Marie: SOO = Sault
WSRJ Honor: Soft Rock Today (see WSRT)
WSRT Gaylord: Soft Rock Today
WSUE Sault Ste. Marie: SUE = Sault
WSYM Lansing: We Say Yes to Michigan
WTCM Traverse City: 1- Traverse City, Michigan
WTCM Traverse City: 2- Today's Country Music
WTHS Holland: We're The Hope Student Station
WTGV Sandusky: Thumb's Great Voice
WTIQ Manistique: Manistique
WTKA Ann Arbor: The Ticket
WTLI Boyne City: The Light
WTLJ Muskegon: 1- Witnessing The Love of Jesus
WTLJ Muskegon: 2- Trust & Love Jesus
WTNR Holland: Thunder 94.5
WTOM Cheboygan: Top Of Michigan
WTOU Battle Creek: The Touch
WTRK Bay City: The Rock
WTRV Walker: The River
WTVB Coldwater: Twin Valley Broadcasters
WTWR Monroe: Tower 98 (14)
WUDT Detroit: Univision Detroit
WUFL Sterling Heights: Family Life Radio
WUOM Ann Arbor: University Of Michigan
WUNN Mason: Radio 'One'; One-One-One-Oh
WUPK Marquette: Upper Peninsula's K-Rock
WUPM Ironwood: Upper Peninsula Michigan
WUPS Houghton Lake: UPS- 'We deliver the hits'
WUPT Crystal Falls: Western Upper Peninsula Television
WUPX Marquette: Upper Peninsula Radio X
WUPY Ontonagon: Upper Peninsula's Y-101
WVAC Adrian: Voice of Adrian College
WVCM Iron Mountain: VCY America, Iron Mountian
WVCN Baraga: VCY America Network
WVFN E. Lansing: The Fan
WVIC Jackson: Victor Jones (owner's son) (21)
WVXA Rogers City: X-Star Network, Alpena
WVXM Manistee: X-Star Network, Manistee
WWBN Tuscola: Banana 101.5
WWJ Detroit: W. J. Scripps of Scripps-Howard (owner)
WWBR Big Rapids: Big Rapids
WWCK Flint: Similar to CKLW-AM Windsor, ON
WWKR Pentwater: K- Rock
WWMT Kalamazoo: We're West Michigan Television
WWUP Sault Ste Marie: Upper Peninsula
WWWW Ann Arbor: W4 Country (28)
WXMI Grand Rapids: Michigan
WXOU Auburn Hills: Oakland University
WXYT Detroit: Similar to WXYZ, Talk
WXYZ Detroit: Original slogan was "The Last Word in Radio"
WYBR Big Rapids: Y-102 Big Rapids
WYCD Detroit: Young Country Detroit
WYGN Berrien Springs: Your Good News
WYGR Wyoming: Wyoming-Grand Rapids
WYKX Escanaba: Kix Country
WYLZ Pinconning: Wheelz 104.5 & 101
WYSS Sault Ste. Marie: Yes-FM
WYVN Saugatuck: The Van
WZNL Norway: Zephyr Broadcasting's Northern Lights
WZPX Battle Creek: Pax TV
WZUU Allegan: Zoo 92 or Zuu
WZZM Grand Rapids: Calls look the same upside down

Past Stations:
KOP Detroit: Detroit Police Department (owner)
WAIR Atlanta: On the Air (now WFDX)
WALM Albion: Albion Michigan
WASH Grand Rapids: Baxter Laundry (owner)
WAOP Otsego: Allegan Otsego Plainwell (now WAKV)
WBBC Flint:Booth Broadcasting Company (owner - now WTRX) (20)
WBBC Jackson: (FM) W Booth Broadcasting Company (owner)
WBBP Petoskey: Wonderful Bay, Beautiful Petoskey (silent in 1928)
WBCM Bay City: Bay City, Michigan (2)
WBDC Grand Rapids: Baxter's Dry Cleaning (owner)
WBFG Detroit: We Broadcast For God (now WVMV)
WBUK Portage: Big Buck Country (now WNWN-AM)
WBMB West Branch: West Branch Michigan's Best
WBRB Mt. Clemens: Where Better Records Begin (FM now WHTD)
WBXD Detroit: The Box Detroit (now WUDT)
WCAS Saline: Classic American Songs (now WHNE)
WCER Charlotte: Charlotte / Eaton Rapids (AM now WLCM, FM WVIC)
WCLS Detroit: Class FM (now WYCD) (18)
WCNF Benton Harbor: Coast Ninety Four (now WSJM-FM)
WCRM Clare: Cross Roads of Michigan (now silent, was 990 AM)
WCXI Detroit: Country XI = 11, for 1130 kHz (now WDFN)
WCZN Flint: Country Couzin-FM (now WWCK AM)
WCZY Detroit: Cozy-FM (now WKQI) (4)
WDFP Battle Creek: Donald F. Price (owner- now WBXX)
WDFX Detroit: Detroit's Fox (now WYCD)
WDOZ Dearborn: Detroit's Radio OZ = Aahs (now WDTW)
WDQV Mackinaw City: The Dove (now WIAB)
WDSS Ada: Radio Disney (now WPRR)
WDTJ Detroit: Detroit Jams (now WDMK)
WDTR Detroit: Detroit Public Schools (now WRCJ)
WDWB Detroit: Detroit's WB (now WMYD)
WDZR Mt. Clemens: Detroit's Z-Rock (now WHTD)
WEEG Essexville: Eagle 97.3 (now WMJO)
WEHB Grand Rapids: East Hills Broadcasters (now WAYG)
WENA Detroit: Evening News Association (owner - now WKRK)
WEMC Berrien Springs: Emanuel Missionary College (now WKZO)
WEVS Holland: Edwin VerSchure (owner - now WYVN)
WEWM Pentwater: We Entertain West Michigan (now WWKR)
WFEN Fenton: Fenton (now WCXI)
WFGE Mackinaw City: Mackinaw Fudge (now WLJZ)
WFNN Escanaba: Fun 104 (now WYKX)
WFVX Vanderbilt: Fox 33 (now WFUP)
WFXZ Pinconning: Foxy 101 (now WYLZ)
WGHP Detroit: George H. Phelps (now WXYT)
WGKI Cadillac: Gary Knapp (owner, now WFQX)
WGKU Vanderbilt: Gary Knapp (owner, now WFVX)
WGRI Flint: Gospel Radio International (now WAKL)
WGRV Detroit: The Groove (now WMGC)
WHCH Munising: Hot Country 98.3 (now WRUP)
WHEZ Portage: Where the music is always EZ
WHFI Detroit: High Fidelity (20)
WHGR Houghton Lake: Houghton Lake, Grayling, Roscommon (now silent)
WHIT Hartford/South Haven: Super Hits (now WCSY)
WHND Monroe: Honey Radio Detroit (now WRDT)
WHNE Detroit: Honey Radio (now WCSX)
WHNE Saline: Honey Radio (now WLBY)
WHRV Ann Arbor: Huron River Valley (now WAAM)
WHYT Detroit: Hot Hyts (now WDVD) (17)
WIID Garden City: Wiide Radio (now WCAR)
WIQB Ann Arbor: Looks like '103', dial position (now WWWW-FM)
WJBL Holland: John / Bud Len (co-owners - now WKLQ) (26)
WJEF Grand Rapids: John Earl Fetzer (owner - now WBCT) (26)
WJOI Detroit: JOI = Joy (now WKRK)
WJZZ Detroit: Jazz Format (now WDMK) (8)
WKBP Battle Creek: We Keep Breakfast Popular (now WBFN)
WKMF Flint: Knorr Michigan, Flint (owner - now WFNT)
WKMH Detroit: Fred Knorr, Bill McCoy, Harvey Hansen (owners - AM now WDTW, FM now WNIC)
WKNR Detroit: 1- Fred Knorr (owner - now WDTW)
WKNR Detroit: 2- Keener 13 (now WDTW)
WKSG Mt. Clemens: Kiss of Gold (now WHTD)
WKWM Kentwood: Kentwood Michigan (now WJNZ)
WKPK Gaylord: The Peak (now WSRT)
WLDM Detroit: We Love Detroit Michigan (now WKQI)
WLLC Detroit: Alice 106.7 (now WDTW-FM)
WLLJ Cassopolis: Larry Langford Jams (owner- now WGTO)
WLLZ Detroit: WLLZ = Wheels (now WVMV)
WLTI Detroit: The Light (slightly scrambled - now WDRQ)
WMDN Midland: Midland Daily News (owner - now WMPX)
WMJC Battle Creek: Majic 95 (now WBXX)
WMJC Detroit: Majic 95 (now WCSX)
WMKG Battle Creek: Magic 95 (now WBXX)
WMLB Glen Arbor: Mike and Linda Bradford (owner - now WGFN)
WMRP Flint: Methodist Radio Parish (now WWCK)
WMTG Dearborn: Motown Gold (now WDTW)
WMVN Marquette: Michigan's Very Nice Radio (now WZAM)
WMXE Hudson: Mix 102.5 (now WBZV)
WNTM Detroit: Ninety-Two Music (now WMXD)
WNRS Saline: The Winners (along with WNRZ; now WCAS)
WNRZ Ann Arbor: The Winnerz (along with WNRS; now WWWW-FM)
WODJ Greenville: Oldies 107.3 (now WKLQ)
WORB Farmington Hills: Orchard Ridge Broadcasting (silent)
WOTV Grand Rapids: Modified version of WOOD-TV (10)
WOWF Detroit: Wow-FM (now WYCD)
WOPR Oak Park: Oak Park Radio (silent)
WPAG Ann Arbor: Paul and Art Greene (owners - now WTKA)
WPLB Lakeview: Paul Lewis Broadcasting (now WCSG)
WPLT Detroit: Planet 96.3 (now WDVD)
WPZA Ann Arbor: Pizza (Domino's Pizza - now WTKA)
WREO Lansing: REO Motor Car Co. (owner)
WRFK Mt. Pleasant: Worship Radio for the King (silent)
WRXF Lapeer: Radio X Flint (now WQUS)
WSBM Saginaw: Saginaw Bay City Midland (now WIOG)
WSCG Greenville/Lakeview: Stafford Communications Group (now WGLM)
WSDM Clare: Smack Dab in the Middle (now silent)
WSKC Bay City: Western Star Knitting Co. (2)
WSMM Sault Ste. Marie: Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan (now WYSS)
WSPZ Hartford: Super Hits(z) (now WHIT)
WSRI Beulah: Star FM (now WOUF)
WSRQ Bear Lake: Star FM (now WCUZ)
WSTD Standish: Standish (now WWCM)
WSTR Sturgis: 1- Sturgis (now WMSH)
WSTR Sturgis: 2- Star Radio (now WMSH)
WSVC Saginaw: Saginaw Valley College (now WUGN)
WSWM E. Lansing: With Such Wonderful Music (now WFMK)
WTAC Flint: 1- The Auto City (now WSNL)
WTAC Flint: 2- Trendle and Campbell (owner)
WTAC Flint: 3- Town and Country (country format)
WTAC Flint: 4- We Talk About Christ
WTBT Carrollton: 100.5 The Beat (now WSGW-FM)
WTCB Flint: Trendle and Campbell Broadcasting (owner - now WSNL)
WTCF Saginaw: Tri-Cities Fox (now WSGW-FM)
WTHM Lapeer: Michigan's Thumb (now WLCO)
WTHS Flint: Flint Technical High School (22)
WTKQ Carrollton: FM Talk (now WSGW-FM)
WTSD Waterford: Waterford Township School District (defunct)
WTTH Pt. Huron: The Times Herald (owner - now WPHM)
WTPS Portage: The Portage Station (now WNWN-AM)
WTWR Detroit: Tower 92 (now WMXD) (14)
WUBR Whitehall: The Bear (now WODJ)
WUCM University Center: University Center Michigan
WUHQ Battle Creek: Your Headquarters (now WOTV-TV)
WUPQ Newberry: Upper Peninsula
WVAE Detroit: The Wave (slightly scrambled - now WMXD)
WVMO Monroe: The Voice of Monroe (now WTWR Luna Pier)
WVOC Battle Creek: World Voice Of Christ (now WOLY)
WVOY Charlevoix: VOY = VOIX, in Charlevoix
WVXA Rogers City: X-Star Network, Alpena (now WRGZ)
WWBR Mt. Clemens: The Bear (now WHTD)
WWBC Bay City: Water Wonderland Broadcasting Company (now WLDR Kingsley)
WWGZ Lapeer: Wingz 103 (now WQUS)
WWKN Marshall: Keener 104.9 (now WRCC)
WWMA Grand Rapids: West Michigan Alternative (now WXMI)
WWRM Gaylord: Warm 107 (now WSRT)
WWRM Pinconning: Warm Country 101 (now WYLZ)
WWWW Detroit: W-4 (28)
WXDG Detroit: The Edge, 105dot1 (now WMGC)
WXIK Jackson: Kix94.1 (kix = xik backwards, now WVIC)
WXON Detroit: ON-TV (now WMYD) (13)
WXOX Bay City: Big OX Country Radio (now WLDR Kinglsey)
WYBN Saline: Your Business News (now WLBY)
WYSI Salem Twp: Ypsilanti (now WSDS)
WYST Detroit: Star 97 FM (now WKRK)
WYUR Dearborn: Your Radio Station (now WDTW)



Many of stations named for an owner have changed hands - but retained the original call sign.
1: Original format for 93.9 WAVC was Adult Alternative 'The River'
2: WBCM was originally used in Bay City on 1440 AM- the calls were later picked up by the Boyne City station. The current call sign for 1440 AM is WMAX.
3: Current slogan: All Hits 95 CFX
4: WCZY was originally used in Detroit - the calls were later picked up by the Mt. Pleasant station.
5: Current slogan: The Bear, playing classic rock.
6: John, Michael, and Linda are the children of the original owner.
8: WJZZ was originally used in Detroit - the calls were later picked up by a station in Frankenmuth, which was then moved to Kingsley (near Traverse City) and changed sign to WLDR.
9: WOOD may have originated from: Wood required to make furniture, lumber industry in northern MI.
10: WOTV was created when the ownership of WOOD-TV and the WOOD radio stations was different. The WOTV sign was moved to Battle Creek when a Local Marketing Agreement was made between the owners of then WUHQ-TV and the owners of TV 8 in Grand Rapids.
11: Current slogan: Q-106.5 FM.
12: Current slogan: Q-Country 95.
13: The ON-TV subscription TV service was created/named AFTER the call sign existed!
14: WTWR was originally used in Detroit - the calls were later picked up by the Monroe station.
15: WKRK no longer uses 'K-Rock' as a slogan.
16: Central, Handy, and Western were at the time the 3 high schools in the district
17: The WHYT sign is now on an AM station in Marine City.
18: The WCLS sign is now on an FM station in Oscoda.
19: When WFBE was sold and went commercial, the slogan B-95 was adopted.
20: WBBC and WHFI were also used on 94.1 FM in Jackson (now WXIK).
21: WVIC was originally on 730 AM in Lansing (now WVFN). The original owner was Donald A. Jones. The calls have been used on FM 94.9, FM 92.7, and currently FM 94.1 all in Lansing/Jackson area.
22: The WTHS sign is now on an FM station in Holland (Hope College).
23: WLJZ and WJZJ have changed formats from Light Jazz to Modern Rock as 'The Zone'.
24: WMJZ has changed formats from Adult Contemporary to Oldies and no longer uses 'Majic 95'
25: WCKC used to simulcast with WMKC; now one of 3 'The Bear' stations in Northern MI
26: WJEF-FM changed calls to WJFM (John Fetzer of Michigan) to differentiate itself from WJEF-AM before becoming WBCT
27: WMFN originally stood for 'West Michigan's Fan' before format change to news/talk.
28: WWWW was originally used in Detroit on 106.7, sign moved to Ann Arbor 102.9 in 2000
29: WMMQ was orginally used on FM 92.7 before moving to FM 94.9




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