Michigan FM Radio Dial Guide

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    yes  = web stream available)
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
  • CP = construction permit, may not be on-air
  • HD = digital broadcasts
FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
88.1 CBEE yes Chatham, ONVariety; CBC1CBEW info
88.1 CBON yes Sault Ste MarieFrench  info
88.1 WBFH yes Bloomfield HillsHigh School  info
88.1 WBLW yes GaylordReligious  info
88.1 WHPR yes Highland ParkUrban/Talk  info
88.1 WHYT yes Imlay CityContmpry ChristianWLGH info
88.1 WLGH yes LansingContmpry Christian  info
88.1 WSDP yes PlymouthHigh School  info
88.1 WSFP yes HarrisvilleContmpry ChristianWLGH info
88.1 WSMF yes MonroeContmpry ChristianWLGHinfo
88.1 WVPE yes Elkhart, INPublic: Talk/Jazz info
88.1 WYCE yes Grand RapidsPublic: Variety  info

FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
88.3 WCBN yes Ann ArborCollege  info
88.3 WCXK yes KalamazooAdt Christian ContempWCSG info
88.3 WDTE yes Grosse PteContmpry ChristianWLGHinfo
88.3 WEAX yes Angola, INCollege  info
88.3 WEJC yes MidlandContmpry ChristianWLGH info
88.3 WKIW yes IronwoodContmpry ChristianKLVR info
88.3 WKPK yes MichigammeContmpry ChristianWLGH info
88.3 WNFA yes Port HuronContmpry Christian  info
88.3 WSHJ  SouthfieldHigh School  info
88.3 WSMZ yes HartContmpry ChristianWLGHinfo
88.3 WTCY yes GreilickvilleReligiousWTCK info
88.3 WXOU yes Auburn HillsCollege  info
88.3 WXTS yes ToledoHigh School: Jazz  info
88.3 WXUT yes ToledoCollege  info

FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
88.5 WCTP yes Bad AxeReligious  info
88.5 WGNC  ConstantineChristian Country  info
88.5 WGVU yes AllendalePublic: Talk/Jazz info
  WGVU-2 yes  OldiesWGVU AM  
  WGVU-3   Jazz  
88.5 WIAB yes Mackinaw CityClassicalWIAA info
88.5 WJOM yes EagleContmpry ChristianWLGH info
88.5 WNLI yes Sturgeon Bay, WIContmpry ChristianKLRD info
88.5 WOAS yes OntonagonHigh School  info
88.5 WYSA yes Wauseon, OHContmpry ChristianWYSZ info

FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
88.7 CIMX yes WindsorModern Rock  info
88.7 WIAA yes InterlochenClassical  info
88.7 WSIS yes St. JosephContmpry ChristianWLGH info
88.7 new  Quinesec---- info

FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
88.9 WAKL yes FlintContmpry ChristianKLVR info
88.9 WBLU yes Grand RapidsPublic: Classical/TalkWBLV info
88.9 WCRR  ManistiqueReligiousinfo
88.9 WDBM yes East LansingCollege info
88.9 WGZR yes AlpenaReligiousWTCKinfo
88.9 WHEYyes MuskegonContmpry Christian  info
88.9 WSND yes South BendClassical  info

FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
89.1 WDTR yes Imlay CityContmpry ChristianWLGHinfo
89.1 WEMU yes YpsilantiPublic: Jazz/Talk info
  WEMU-2   Folk/Roots   
89.1 WIDR yes KalamazooCollege  info
89.1 WLKB yes Bay CityContmpry ChristianKLVR info
89.1 WOCR yes OlivetCollege  info
89.1 WPHS  WarrenHigh School/Classical  info

FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
89.3 CKGW yes Chatham, ONReligious  info
89.3 WBLD  Orchard LakeHigh School  info
89.3 WGNB yes ZeelandReligious  info
89.3 WHFR yes DearbornCollege  info
89.3 WJKN yes Spring ArborReligious info
89.3 WSHN  MunisingReligiousinfo
89.3 WSMB yes Harbor BeachContmpry ChristianWLGH info
89.3 WTLI yes Boyne CityContmpry ChristianWLGH info
89.3 WYSZ yes ToledoContmpry Christian  info
89.5 CBSM yes Sault Ste MarieVariety; CBC1  info
89.5 WAHS  Auburn HillsHigh School/Classical  info
89.5 WBCY yes Archbold, OHContmpry ChristianWBCL info
89.5 WCMU yes Mt. PleasantPublic: Classical/Talk HDinfo
89.5 WBCY yes Archbold, OHContmpry ChristianWBCL info
89.5 WDTP yes Huron TwpContmpry ChristianWLGHinfo
89.5 WOVI  NoviHigh School  info
89.7 WHND yes Sister Bay, WIPublic: Classical/TalkWPNE info
89.7 WJOJ yes AlpenaContmpry ChristianWLGH info
89.7 WLMN yes ManisteePublic: News/TalkWICA info
89.7 WLNZ yes LansingPublic: Adult Alt. HDinfo
  WLNZ-2 yes  Jazz   
89.7 WSPB CP Bedford---  info
89.7 WTAC yes FlintContmpry ChristianWLGH info
89.7 WUBS  South BendReligious  info
89.7 new CP Ironwood   info
89.7 new CP Lexington   info
89.9 CBE yes WindsorVariety; CBC2  info
89.9 WAYG yes Grand RapidsContmpry Christian  info
89.9 WAYO yes Berrien SpringsContmpry ChristianWAYG info
89.9 WHWG yes Trout LakeReligiousWHWL info
89.9 WKDS  KalamazooHigh School  info
89.9 WLJN yes Traverse CityReligious  info
89.9 WTHS  HollandCollege  info
90.1 WHBP yes Harbor SpringsPublic: News/TalkWICA info
90.1 WLSO yes Sault Ste MarieCollege  info
90.1 WNMU yes MarquettePublic: Variety HDinfo
90.1 WUCX yes Bay CityPublic: Classical/TalkWCMU info
90.1 WXPZ  Clyde Twpsilent  info
90.1 WYBA yesColdwaterReligious  info
90.3 CBEG yes Sarnia, ONVariety; CBC1CBE info
90.3 WBLV yes MuskegonPublic: Classical/Talk  info
90.3 WOTL yes ToledoReligiousKEAR info
90.3 WUMI  Newberry---  info
90.5 WKAR yes East LansingPublic: Classical/Talk HDinfo
  WKAR-2 yes  Public: News-TalkWKAR AM  
90.5 WPFF yes Sturgeon Bay, WIContmpry Christian  info
90.5 WPHN yes GaylordReligious  info
90.7 WAUS yes Berrien SpringsClassical  info
90.7 WKKM HarrisonClassic Country  info
90.7 WMVM  Goodman, WIReligiousWRVM info
90.7 WNFR yes SanduskyReligious  info
90.7 WNMC yes Traverse CityPublic: Variety  info
90.9 WCFG yes KalamazooAdt Christian ContempWCSG info
90.9 WGBE yes Bryan, OHPublic: Classical/TalkWGTE info
90.9 WJKZ CP Hanover---  info
90.9 WMSD yes Rose CityReligious  info
90.9 WQAC yes AlmaCollege  info
90.9 WRCJ yes DetroitPublic: Classical/Jazz  info
90.9 WSLI yes BeldingContmpry ChristianWLGH info
90.9 WTCK yes CharlevoixReligious  info
90.9 WTRK yes FreelandContmpry ChristianKLRD info
90.9 new CP Elkton---  info
90.9 new CP Escanaba   info
91.1 WFUM yes FlintPublic: News/TalkWUOMHDinfo
91.1 WGCS yes Goshen, INPublic: Americana  info
91.1 WGGL yes HoughtonPublic: Classical/Talk  info
91.1 WOLW yes CadillacReligiousWPHN info
91.1 WPCJ  HillsdaleReligious  info
91.3 WCKZ yes Orland, INContmpry ChristianWLAB info
91.3 WCHW  Bay CityHigh School/Classical  info
91.3 WCSG yes Grand RapidsAdt Christian Contemp  info
91.3 WGJU yes East TawasReligiousWTCK info
91.3 WGTE yes ToledoPublic: Classical/Talk  info
91.3 WJOG yes PetoskeyContmpry ChristianWLGH info
91.3 WOES yes Ovid-ElsieHigh School: Polka  info
91.3 WSGR  Port HuronCollege  info
91.5 WICA yes Traverse CityPublic: News/Talk  info
91.5 WJOH yes Sault Ste MarieContmpry ChristianWLGH info
91.5 WMHW yes Mt. PleasantModern Rock HDinfo
 WMHW-2 yes Adult Alternative  
91.5 WUPX yes MarquetteCollege  info
91.5 WVAV CP Vicksburg   info
91.5 WVCM yes Iron MountainReligiousWVCY info
91.5 WVMV CP Algonac---info
91.7 WCML yes AlpenaPublic: Classical/TalkWCMUHDinfo
91.7 WETL  South BendHigh School  info
91.7 WMCQ yes MuskegonReligious  info
91.7 WUOM yes Ann ArborPublic: News/Talk HDinfo
91.7 WXPR yes Rhinelander, WIPublic: Variety HDinfo
91.9 CBEW yes Leamington, ONVariety; CBC1 info
91.9 WDPW GreenvilleReligious  info
91.9 WGCP CadillacReligious  info
91.9 WHDI yes Sister Bay, WIPublic: News/TalkWHID info
91.9 WMJC  RichlandReligious  info
91.9 WMTU yes HoughtonCollege  info
91.9 WORW  Port HuronHigh School  info
91.9 WQKO yes Howe, INsilent  info
91.9 WSMO CP  Standish---info
92.1 WCSR  HillsdaleAdult Contemporary  info
92.1 WGHN yes Grand HavenAdult Contemporary  info
92.1 WHPD yes DowagiacContmpry ChristianWHPZ info
92.1 WIDL  CaroHot Adult Contmpry  info
92.1 WQTX  LansingCountry  info
92.1 WTWS yes Houghton LakeCountry  info
92.3 WJPD yes MarquetteCountry  info
92.3 WMXD yes DetroitAdult Urban Contmpry HDinfo
  WMXD-2 yes  Contmpry Christian   
92.3 WBNZ  FrankfortAdult Contemporary  info
92.5 WBGV  MarletteCountry  info
92.5 WFDX yes AtlantaClassic HitsWFCX info
92.5 WJSZ  AshleyHot Adult Contmpry  info
92.5 WLAWyes NewaygoCountry/Rock  info
92.5 WLCJ  Marinette, WIReligious  info
92.5 WVKS yes ToledoContemporary Hits  info
92.5 WZUU yes KalamazooRock  info
92.7 CJSP yes Leamington, ONVariety Hits  info
92.7 WDZZ yes FlintAdult Urban Contmpry HDinfo
92.7 WPIQ yes ManistiqueTalk  info
92.7 WYVN yes HollandClassic Hits  info
92.9 CFWJ  Sault Ste MarieTourist Info  info
92.9 WJZQ yes CadillacContemporary Hits  info
92.9 WLMI yes LansingClassic Hits info
92.9 WNDV yes South BendContemporary Hits  info
93.1 WDLP yes FenwickOldies  info
93.1 WDRQ yes DetroitVariety Hits HDinfo
  WDRQ-2  Dance   
93.1 WIMK  Iron MountainRockWUPK info
93.1 WMLY  MarshallReligious  info
93.1 WMPA CP Ferrysburg  info
93.3 WKQZ yes MidlandActive Rock  info
93.5 WBCM yes Boyne CityCountryWTCM info
93.5 WGLN  Cedar LakeReligious  info
93.5 WHMI  HowellClassic Hits  info
93.5 WKMJ yes HancockHot Adult Contmpry  info
93.5 WRQN yes ToledoClassic Hits HDinfo
93.7 WBCT yes Grand RapidsCountry HDinfo
93.7 WCYE  Eagle River, WICountry  info
93.7 WKAD  CadillacOldies  info
93.7 WRCL yes FrankenmuthRhythmic Contmpry Hits HDinfo
93.9 CIDR yes WindsorAdult Alternative  info
93.9 WAVC yes MioClassic RockWGFNinfo
93.9 WDOR  Sturgeon Bay, WICountry/MOR  info
93.9 WNBY yes NewberryOldies  info
94.1 WUPK  MarquetteRock  info
94.1 WVIC yes JacksonModern Rock  info
94.1 WWKR  LudingtonClassic Rock  info
94.3 CKSY yes Chatham, ONAdult Contemporary  info
94.3 WFCX yes Traverse CityClassic Hits  info
94.3 WKUF yes FlintCollege  info
94.3 WZNL  Iron MountainHot Adult Contmpry  info
94.3 WZOC  Plymouth, INOldies  info
94.5 WCEN yes SaginawCountry  info
94.5 WLJZ yes Mackinaw CityClassic RockWGFNinfo
94.5 WRJO  Eagle River, WIOldies  info
94.5 WTNR yes Grand RapidsCountry HDinfo
94.5 WXKR yes ToledoClassic Rock HDinfo
  WXKR-2 yes  Modern Rock   
94.7 WCSX yes DetroitClassic Rock HDinfo
  WCSX-2 yes  Classic Rock   
94.7 WCVM yes BronsonContmpry ChristianWBCL info
94.9 WKJZ yes AlpenaVariety HitsWQLB info
94.9 WKZC  LudingtonCountry  info
94.9 WMMQ yes East LansingClassic Rock  info
94.9 WSJM yes Benton HarborNews/Talk  info
94.9 WUPZ  MarquetteContemporary Hits  info
95.1 CKUE yes Chatham, ONRock  info
95.1 WFBE yes FlintCountry  info
95.1 WLST yes Marinette, WICountry  info
95.1 WUPN CP Paradise   info
95.3 WBCK yes Battle CreekNews/Talk  info
95.3 WCFX yes Mt. PleasantContemporary Hits  info
95.3 WGRL CP Indian River   info
95.3 WGVS yes MuskegonPublic: Talk/JazzWGVU info
95.3 WQTE  AdrianCountry  info
95.3 WTRC yes South BendNews/Talk info
95.5 WJZJ yes Traverse CityRock  info
95.5 WKQI yes DetroitContemporary Hits HDinfo
  WKQI-2 yes  Contemporary Hits   
95.7 WAOR yes South BendClassic Rock info
95.7 WCMB yes OscodaPublic: Classical/TalkWCMU info
95.7 WHWL yes MarquetteReligious  info
95.7 WIMX  ToledoAdult Urban Contmpry  info
95.7 WLHT yes Grand RapidsHot Adult Contmpry  HD info
  WLHT-2 yes  EthnicWNWZ  
95.9 CJWF yes WindsorCountryinfo
95.9 WEFM  Michigan City, INAC/Oldies  info
95.9 WLKM yes Three RiversClassic Hits  info
96.1 WHNN yes Bay CityClassic Hits  info
96.1 WMAX yes Grand RapidsSports HDinfo
  WMAX-2   Alt Classics   
96.1 WMTR yes Archbold, OHHot Adult Contmpry  info
96.3 WDVD yes DetroitHot Adult Contmpry HDinfo
  WDVD-2   Alt Classics   
96.3 WLXT yes PetoskeyAdult Contemporary  info
96.3 WSFQ yes Marinette, WIClassic Hits  info
96.5 WBHC  Benton Harborsilent  info
96.5 WKZO yes KalamazooNews/Talk  info
96.5 WQHH  LansingUrban  info
96.7 CHYR yes Leamington, ONHot Adult Contmpry  info
96.7 WCOE yes LaPorte, INCountry  info
96.7 WLXV  CadillacHot Adult Contmpry  info
96.7 WMJT  NewberryVariety Hits  info
96.7 WRGZ  Rogers CityCountryWATZ info
96.7 WUFN  AlbionReligious  info
96.7 WUPG  MarquetteVariety Hits  info
96.9 WBTI  LexingtonHot Adult Contmpry  info
96.9 WLAV yes Grand RapidsClassic Rock HDinfo
96.9 WNKLyes Wauseon, OHContmpry ChristianKLVR info
96.9 WWCM yes StandishPublic: Classical/TalkWCMU info
97.1 WGLQ  EscanabaContemporary Hits  info
97.1 WXYT yes DetroitSports HDinfo
  WXYT-2 yes NewsWWJ  
97.3 CHIM yes Sault Ste MarieReligious  info
97.3 WDEE  Big RapidsOldies  info
97.3 WJZE  ToledoUrban  info
97.3 WMJO  Bay CityVariety Hits  info
97.5 CBEW yes WindsorVariety; CBC1 info
97.5 WJIM yes LansingContemporary Hits  info
97.5 WKLT yes KalkaskaRock  info
97.5 WWSN  MuskegonAdult Contemporary  info
97.5 WYDM yes MonroeHot Adult Contmpry  info
97.5 WYTZ yes St. JoesphCountry  info
97.7 WMLQ  ManisteeAdult Contemporary  info
97.7 WMRX yes BeavertonAdult Standards  info
97.7 WOLV  HoughtonClassic Hits  info
97.7 WQEZ  CheboyganAdult Contemporary  info
97.7 WSRG yes Sturgeon Bay, WICountry  info
97.7 WSSM yes South BendClassic Hits  info
97.7 WTGV  SanduskyAdult Contemporary  info
97.9 WGRD yes Grand RapidsActive Rock HDinfo
97.9 WIHC  NewberryReligiousWGCP info
97.9 WJLB yes DetroitUrban HDinfo
  WJLB-2 yes  Urban   
98.1 WDFM yes Defiance, OHHot Adult Contmpry  info
98.1 WEUL yes Iron MountainReligiousWHWL info
98.1 WGFN yes Traverse CityClassic Rock  info
98.1 WKCQ  SaginawCountry  info
98.3 WCMZ yes Sault Ste MariePublic: Classical/TalkWCMU info
98.3 WCXT yes HartfordHot Adult Contmpry  info
98.3 WLCS  MuskegonOldies  info
98.3 WMIM yes ToledoAdult Contemporary HDinfo
98.3 WRUP  MunisingClassic Rock  info
98.5 WNWN yes ColdwaterCountry  info
98.5 WUPS yes Houghton LakeClassic Hits  info
98.7 WDZH yes DetroitContemporary Hits HDinfo
  WDZH-2 yes Smooth Jazz   
98.7 WFGR yes Grand RapidsClassic Hits HDinfo
98.7 WGLI  HancockRock  info
98.7 WLDN CP Pentwater  info
98.9 WKLZ yes PetoskeyRockWKLT info
98.9 WOWE  FlintAdult Urban Contmpry  info
98.9 WQOS  Mt. PleasantClassic Rock  info
98.9 WRAX  Mt. Pleasant----  info
99.1 WFMK yes East LansingAdult Contemporary  info
99.1 WIKB yes Iron RiverCountry  info
99.1 WSMK  BuchananRhythmic Contmpry Hits  info
99.1 CJAM yes WindsorCollege  info
99.3 WATZ  AlpenaCountry  info
99.3 WBET  SturgisOldies  info
99.3 WOUF yes FrankfortRock  info
99.3 WJQK yes Grand RapidsContmpry Christian  info
99.5 WFPM yes Battle CreekReligious  info
99.5 WNGE  MarquetteOldies  info
99.5 WYCD yes DetroitCountry HDinfo
  WYCD-2 yes  Country   
  WYCD-3 yes  Spanish Hits   
99.5 WYSS yes Sault Ste MarieContemporary Hits  info
99.7 WIMI yes IronwoodHot Adult Contmpry  info
99.7 WUGN yes MidlandReligious  info
99.7 WZDR yes Sturgeon Bay, WIClassic HitsWYDR info
99.9 CFGX yes Sarnia, ONAdult Contemporary  info
99.9 WHAK  Rogers CityOldies  info
99.9 WHFB yes Benton HarborCountry  info
99.9 WKKO yes ToledoCountry HDinfo
100.1 WBCH yes HastingsCountry  info
100.1 WCUZ  ManisteeNews/Talk info
100.1 WRHN  Rhinelander, WIHot Adult Contmpry  info
100.1 WVIB  MuskegonAdult Urban Contmpry  info
100.3 WLKI yes Angola, INHot Adult Contmpry HDinfo
  WLKI-2   Classic Rock   
  WLKI-3   Sports   
100.3 WNIC yes DetroitHot Adult Contmpry HDinfo
  WNIC-2 yes  Adult Contemporary   
100.3 WQON yes GraylingRock  info
100.3 WUPT MarquetteClassic Hits  info
100.5 CHAS yes Sault Ste MarieAdult Contemporary  info
100.5 WEEH yes HartOldies  info
100.5 WSGW yes SaginawNews/Talk/Sports  info
100.5 WTRV yes Grand RapidsAdult Contemporary  info
100.7 CKUE yes WindsorRock  info
100.7 WBYT yes South BendCountry  info
100.7 WITL yes LansingCountry info
100.7 WOBE  Iron MountainClassic Hits  info
100.7 WWTH  OscodaCountry  info
100.9 WBNO yes Bryan, OHClassic Hits  info
100.9 WICV yes East JordanClassicalWIAA info
100.9 WLUN yes PinconningSports  info
100.9 WMBC yes Norton ShoresContmpry ChristianWHEY info
100.9 WQXC yes KalamazooOldies  info
100.9 WWBR  Big RapidsCountry  info
101.1 WGRY  RoscommonSports  info
101.1 WRIF yes DetroitActive Rock HDinfo
  WRIF-2 yes  Rock   
101.1 WUPY yes OntonagonCountry  info
101.3 WBFX yes Grand RapidsRock HDinfo
  WBFX-2   Adult Alternative   
101.3 WSUE yes Sault Ste MarieRock  info
101.5 WJNR  Iron MountainCountry  info
101.5 WMJZ  GaylordVariety Hits  info
101.5 WMTE  ManisteeClassic Hits  info
101.5 WNSN yes South BendAdult Contemporary  info
101.5 WRVF yes ToledoAdult Contemporary  info
101.5 WWBN yes FlintActive Rock HDinfo
101.7 WHZZ  LansingVariety Hits  info
101.7 WMRR yes MuskegonRock  info
101.7 WPRJ yes ColemanContmpry Christian  info
101.9 WDET yes DetroitPublic: Variety HDinfo
  WDET-2 yes  Adult Alternative   
101.9 WKQS  MarquetteAdult Contemporary  info
101.9 WLDR  Traverse CityCountry HDinfo
  WLDR-2   Smooth Jazz   
  WLDR-3   Rock   
  WLDR-4   Sports   
102.1 WLEW  Bad AxeAdult Hits  info
102.1 WMUK yes KalamazooPublic: Variety HDinfo
  WMUK-2 yes  Variety  
102.3 WGRT yes Port HuronAdult Contemporary  info
102.3 WHKB  HoughtonCountry  info
102.3 WPOS yes ToledoReligious  info
102.3 WSMM yes South BendClassic HitsWSSM info
102.3 WTHN yes Sault Ste MarieReligiousWPHN info
102.3 WYBR  Big RapidsHot Adult Contmpry  info
102.5 WBZV  HillsdaleClassic Rock  info
102.5 WCMM  ManistiqueCountry  info
102.5 WIOG yes Bay CityContemporary Hits  info
102.7 WLEG yes Elkhart, INHot Adult Contmpry  info
102.7 WMOM yes LudingtonContemporary Hits  info
102.7 WPZR yes DetroitGospel HDinfo
102.7 WRVM  Suring, WIReligious  info
102.9 WFUR  Grand RapidsReligious  info
102.9 WMKC yes Indian RiverCountry  info
102.9 WWWW yes Ann ArborCountry  info
103.1 CBEF yes Leamington, ONFrenchCBEF info
103.1 WGDN yes GladwinCountry  info
103.1 WHME yes South BendReligious info
103.1 WQUS yes LapeerClassic Hits  info
103.3 CKCI yes SarniaVarietyCKTI info
103.3 WFXD  MarquetteCountry  info
103.3 WKFR yes Battle CreekContemporary Hits  info
103.3 WQLB yes Tawas CityVariety Hits  info
103.5 WMUZ yes DetroitReligious HDinfo
  WMUZ-2 yes GospelWEXL  
  WMUZ-3 yes  ReligiousWRDT  
103.5 WTCM yes Traverse CityCountry  info
103.7 WCKY yes Tiffin, OHCountry  info
103.7 WCSY  South HavenOldies  info
103.7 WCZE CPyes Harbor BeachContmpry ChristianWLGH info
103.7 WHYB yes MenomineeOldies  info
103.7 WUVS yes MuskegonUrban  info
103.9 CHOK yes Sarnia, ONCountry/Full Svc  info
103.9 CJBC yes Windsor, ONFrench  info
103.9 WCMW yes PetoskeyPublic: Classical/TalkWCMU info
103.9 WLEN  AdrianAdult Contemporary  info
103.9 WRBR yes South BendRock  info
103.9 WRSR yes FlintClassic Rock  info
104.1 WSAG  Bay CityAdult Contemporary  info
104.1 WVGR yes Grand RapidsPublic: News/TalkWUOMHDinfo
104.3 CJQM yes Sault Ste MarieCountry  info
104.3 WCZY  Mt. PleasantAdult Contemporary  info
104.3 WOMC yes DetroitOldies HDinfo
  WOMC-2 yes Oldies   
  WOMC-3 yes  Talk   
104.3 WRDS  RoscommonReligious  info
104.3 WVCN yes BaragaReligiousWVCY info
104.5 WILZ yes SaginawClassic Rock  info
104.5 WLZZ  Montpelier, OHCountry  info
104.5 WSNX yes Grand RapidsContemporary Hits HDinfo
  WSNX-2   Dance   
104.5 WZTC  Traverse CityVariety Hits info
104.7 WFRN yes South BendContmpry Christian  info
104.7 WIOT yes ToledoRock  info
104.7 WKJC yes Tawas CityCountry  info
104.7 WMRP  Mundy TwpInsp Country  info
104.7 WYKX  EscanabaCountry  info
104.9 WAIR yes CadillacContmpry ChristianWLGH info
104.9 WBXX yes Battle CreekAdult Contemporary  info
104.9 WQBX  AlmaHot Adult Contmpry  info
105.1 WGFM yes CheboyganRockWJZJ info
105.1 WMGC yes DetroitAdult Contemporary HDinfo
  WMGC-2 yes DetroitAC/Classical   
105.1 WSBW  Sister Bay, WIAdult Standards  info
105.3 WHTS yes Grand RapidsContemporary Hits HDinfo
105.3 WKHM yes JacksonContemporary Hits  info
105.3 WVBH  Benton HarborUrban  info
105.5 WBMI  West BranchClassic Country  info
105.5 WGKL  EscanabaOldies  info
105.5 WMKD  Sault Ste MarieCountry  info
105.5 WSFT  Berrien SpringsReligious  info
105.5 WSRJ  Traverse CityTalkWSRT info
105.5 WTHD  LaGrange, INCountry  info
105.5 WWCK yes FlintContemporary Hits  info
105.5 WWWM  ToledoHot Adult Contmpry HDinfo
105.7 WCUP  L'AnseCountry  info
105.7 WSRW yes Grand RapidsAdult Contemporary  info
105.9 WBSQ  St. LouisOldies  info
105.9 WDMK yes DetroitAdult Urban Contmpry HDinfo
  WDMK-2 yes  UrbanWHTD  
105.9 WEGZ yes Washburn, WIReligiousWVCY info
105.9 WKHQ yes CharlevoixContemporary Hits  info
106.1 WHST yes Tawas CityReligiousWPHN info
106.1 WJXQ yes JacksonActive Rock  info
106.1 WMMT  MuskegonUrban Oldies  info
106.3 CHKS yes Sarnia, ONRock  info
106.3 WGER yes SaginawHot Adult Contmpry  info
106.3 WGLM yes LakeviewFull Service  info
106.3 WKLA  LudingtonAdult Contemporary  info
106.3 WMXG  EscanabaClassic Hits/Rock  info
106.3 WUBU  South BendAdult Urban Contmpry  info
106.3 WYPV CP Onaway  info
106.5 WLQR yes ToledoSports HDinfo
106.5 WVFM yes KalamazooAdult Contemporary  info
106.7 WDTW yes DetroitRhythmic AC  HD info
  WDTW-2 yes  Country   
106.7 WHTO  Iron MountainClassic Hits  info
106.7 WRHC yes Three OaksVariety  info
106.7 WSRT  GaylordTalk  info
106.9 WLGE yes Baileys Harbor, WIAdult Alternative  info
106.9 WOOD yes MuskegonNews/Talk HDinfo
106.9 WSAE yes Spring ArborAdult Contemporary  info
106.9 WUPM  IronwoodHot Adult Contmpry  info
107.1 WCKC  CadillacClassic RockWGFN info
107.1 WIRX yes St. JosephRock HDinfo
107.1 WQKL yes Ann ArborAdult Alternative  info
107.1 WSAQ  Port HuronCountry  info
107.1 WTLZ yes SaginawAdult Urban Contmpry info
107.3 WAWB  West BranchReligious  info
107.3 WJUC yes ToledoUrban  info
107.3 WBBL yes GreenvilleSports  info
107.3 WUPF  EscanabaVariety Hits  info
107.5 WCCW  Traverse CityOldies  info
107.5 WGPR yes DetroitUrban  info
107.7 WHSB  AlpenaHot Adult Contmpry  info
107.7 WLWR  Marinette, WIVariety  info
107.7 WMQT  MarquetteHot Adult Contmpry  info
107.7 WRKR yes KalamazooRock  info
107.9 WCDY  CadillacHot Adult Contmpry info
107.9 WCRZ yes FlintAdult Contemporary HDinfo
107.9 WCZW  CharlevoixOldiesWCCW info
107.9 WMLZ  TemperanceClassic Rock  info
107.9 WMUS yes MuskegonCountry HDinfo
107.9 WVAC yes AdrianCollege  info














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