Michigan FM Translator Dial Guide

Full power FM stations are on their own page.

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
  • CP = construction permit, may not be on-air
  • HD = digital broadcasts
FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
88.1 W201CF yes BaldwinReligiousKAWZ info
88.7 W204AQ yes NewberryReligiousWPHN info
88.9 W205BH yes Port HuronReligiousWPCS info
89.5 W208BB yes Royal OakReligiousKAWZ info
89.7 W209BR  Columbia TwpVarietyWAQQ info
89.9 W210BB yes Benton HarborReligiousWPCS info
90.1 W211BQ CP AdrianVarietyWAQQ info
90.1 W211CA  Paw Paw------ info
90.7 W214AY yes Grand RapidsReligiousKAWZ info
90.7 W214CA yes MuskegonReligiousWPCS info
90.9 W215BR yes IronwoodContmpry ChristianWJRF info
91.1 W216AI yes NewberryPublic: VarietyWNMU info
91.1 W216BF yes ManistiqueReligiousWHWL info
91.1 W216BX yes Benton HarborReligiousKAWZ info
91.3 W217AA yes MenomineePublic: VarietyWNMU info
91.5 W218CJ yes Grand LedgeContmpry ChristianKHRI info
91.5 W218CU yes CaroReligiousKAWZ info
91.7 W219CA yes KalamazooReligiousWPCS info
91.7 W219DG  South Haven--- info
91.7 W219DK  Manistee------ info
91.9 W220AJ yes ManistiquePublic: VarietyWNMU info
91.9 W220CW  Rogers HeightsVarietyWAQQ info
91.9 W220DP  IronwoodReligiousWRVM info
92.1 W221BQ yes PetoskeyNews/TalkWMKTinfo
92.1 W221CA yes GaylordReligiousWTCK info
92.3 W222BB yes Battle CreekAdult ContemporaryWSAE info
92.7 W224AO yes HoughtonPublic: Classical/TalkWGGL info
92.7 W224AV yes CovingtonReligiousWHWL info
92.7 W224AW yes BerglandReligiousWHWL info
92.7 W224BY  Angola, INSportsWLKI-3 info
92.7 W224BZ  IoniaFull ServiceWION info
92.7 W224CA  LudingtonClassic RockWWKR info
92.9 W225AV  BessemerReligiousWRVM info
92.9 W225BA  Hastings--- info
92.9 W225BB  Battle Creek info
93.3 W227AS yes WhitehallReligousWMCQ info
93.3 W227AT CP ManisteeVarietyWAQQ info
93.3 W227BB  Fremont------ info
93.3 W227BY yes SomersetAdult ContemporaryWSAE info
93.3 W227CB  Alpena------ info
94.1 W241BF CP AlpenaCountryWWTH info
94.3 W232BH yes HollyContmpry ChristianWAKL info
94.3 W232CA  Detroitsilent info
94.7 W234BU yes Traverse CityClassicalWIAA info
94.9 W235BN yes Grand RapidsAdult UrbanWYGR info
95.1 W236AV yes KalamazooReligiousWUFN info
95.1 W236BR  Reed CityNews/TalkWBRN info
95.1 W236BU yes Traverse CityPublic: Classical/TalkWCMW info
95.1 W236BZ yes St. IgnaceReligiousWTCK info
95.3 W237AW  Iron RiverReligiousWRVM info
95.3 W237BY yes MasonContmpry ChristianKHRI info
95.3 W237CZ yes Grand RapidsTalkWPRR info
95.3 W237DA  Boyne CityTalkWSRT info
95.5 W238AL  PortageAdult Urban ContempWNWN info
95.5 W238CD  ColdwaterFull Service/OldiesWTVB info
95.9 W240CG yes WebbervilleContmpry ChristianKHRI info
96.3 W242BH yes MarshallContmpry ChristianWFRN info
96.5 W243AD yes AdrianAdult ContemporaryWSAE info
96.5 W243BA  Big Rapids---  info
96.5 W243BD yes BeechwoodReligousWMCQ info
96.5 W243BH  Muskegon--- info
96.5 W243CQ yes EscanabaPublic: VarietyWNMU info
96.7 W244AW yes Iron MountainContmpry ChristianWPFF info
96.7 W244BS yes AlmaContmpry ChristianWPRJ info
97.1 W246AU yes ColdwaterAdult ContemporaryWSAE info
97.1 W246BW yes Three RiversClassic CountryWRCI info
97.3 W247AM  KalamazooReligiousWMJCinfo
97.5 W248AQ  Harrison Twp------ info
97.7 W249BT yes AdrianContmpry ChristianWBCY info
97.9 W250BO yes StephensonPublic: VarietyWNMU info
98.1 W251AD yes AlpenaVariety HitsWKJZ info
98.1 W251AE yes VictoriaReligiousWHWL info
98.3 W252BA yes ChelseaAdult ContemporaryWSAE info
98.3 W252BX yes DetroitContmpry ChristianWMXD-2 info
98.7 W254AG yes EscanabaContmpry ChristianWPFF info
98.9 W255BC yes PlainwellReligiousWOFR info
98.9 W255CB  PowersReligiousWRVM info
99.1 W256AY  Detroitsilent--- info
99.5 W258AH yes KalamazooAdult ContemporaryWSAE info
99.7 W259AD yes NewberryReligiousWHWL info
99.7 W259AH yes PetoskeyReligiousWPHN info
99.9 W260AC yes HoughtonReligiousWHWL info
99.9 W260AG yes IshpemingContmpry ChristianWPFF info
99.9 W260BH yes AlbionReligiousWFPM info
99.9 W260BX  LansingReligiousWUNN info
99.9 W260CB yes HamtramckTalk/ReligiousWCHB info
100.1 W261BH yes FlintContmpry ChristianWAKL info
100.1 W261CI yes EscanabaReligiousWHWL info
100.3 W262AF yes KalamazooContmpry ChristianWFRN info
100.3 W262BD yes DimondaleReligiousWWSJ info
100.7 W264AK yes ToledoModern RockWXKR-2 info
100.9 W265AI yes IronwoodPublic: VarietyWXPR info
101.1 W266AE yes ColdwaterContmpry ChristianWFRN info
101.1 W266BS yes CassopolisClassic HitsWGTO info
101.1 W266BU yes Mt. PleasantAdult AlternativeWMHW-2info
101.3 W267BE  Angola, INClassic RockWLKI-2 info
102.1 W271AG yes Mackinaw CityReligiousWHWG info
102.3 W272CA yes DetroitContmpry ChristianWMXD-2 info
102.5 W273AR  Paw PawContemporary HitsWKFR-2 info
102.5 W273BM yes Benton HarborContmpry ChristianWFRN info
102.5 W273CC  Alpena------ info
102.7 W274AQ  Battle CreekReligiousWMJCinfo
103.3 W277AG yes Sault Ste MarieReligiousWHWG info
103.3 W277BB yes Grand HavenReligousWMCQ info
103.7 W279BP yes JacksonReligiousWFPM info
103.9 W280DD yes IronwoodReligiousWHWL info
104.7 W284AH yes LansingAdult ContemporaryWSAE info
104.7 W284BQ  Detroitsilent info
104.9 W285DY  LudingtonAdult ContemporaryWMLQ info
105.1 W286AU  Allegan--- info
105.1 W286BC yes MarquetteReligiousWNLI info
105.3 W287BU  Caro------ info
105.5 W288BK yes Rochester HillsContmpry ChristianWMXD-2 info
105.5 W288BT  St. Clair------ info
106.1 W291CJ  MarquetteContmpry ChristianWPFFyes info
106.3 W292DA yes LindenContmpry ChristianWAKL info
106.3 W292DK yes WestlandContmpry ChristianWMXD-2 info
107.7 W299BE  Big RapidsNews/TalkWBRN info














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