Northern Lower Michigan Radio and TV Dial Guide

Traverse City, Cadillac, Alpena, Houghton Lake, Gaylord

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  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • DTV= physical channel used (or planned) for digital broadcasts
  • Chan= virtual channel number (if different from physical channel)
  • * = analog broadcasts only
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
ChanDTVCallCityNetwork ParentMore
435 WTOM CheboyganNBCWPBNinfo
624 WCML AlpenaPBS WCMUinfo
77 WPBN Traverse CityNBC info
50 WPBN-1 Traverse City 
88 WGTQ Sault Ste MarieABCWGTUinfo
99 WWTV Cadillac/Traverse CityCBS info
40 WWTV-1 Traverse City
1010 WWUP Sault Ste MarieCBSWWTVinfo
1111 WBKB AlpenaCBS  info
11.2 FOX / My
12*  WLLZ Traverse CityMy / RTV info
18*  W18BT Alpenasilent  info
2121 WCMW ManisteePBS WCMUinfo
2614 WMNN CadillacInd info
2717 WCMV CadillacPBS WCMUinfo
2929 WGTU Traverse CityABCinfo
3232 WFQX CadillacFOX  info
4545 WFUP GaylordFOX WFQXinfo
46*  W46AD Traverse CityPBS WCMLinfo

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FM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
  • CP = construction permit, may not be on-air
  • HD = digital broadcasts
FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
88.1 WBLW yes GaylordReligious  info
88.1 WSFP yes HarrisvilleContmpry ChristianWLGH info
88.1 W201CF yes BaldwinReligiousKAWZ info
88.3 WEJC yes MidlandContmpry ChristianWLGH info
88.3 WSMZ yes HartContmpry ChristianWLGHinfo
88.3 WTCY yes GreilickvilleReligiousWTCK info
88.5 WIAB yes Mackinaw CityClassicalWIAA info
88.7 WIAA yes InterlochenClassical  info
88.9 WGZR yes AlpenaReligiousWTCKinfo

FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
89.3 WTLI yes Boyne CityContmpry ChristianWLGH info
89.7 WJOJ yes AlpenaContmpry ChristianWLGH info
89.7 WLMN yes ManisteePublic: News/TalkWICA info
89.9 WLJN yes Traverse CityReligious  info
90.1 WHBP yes Harbor SpringsPublic: News/TalkWICA info
90.5 WPHN yes GaylordReligious  info
90.7 WKKM HarrisonClassic Country  info
90.7 WNMC yes Traverse CityPublic: Variety  info
90.9 WMSD yes Rose CityReligious  info
90.9 WTCK yes CharlevoixReligious  info
91.1 WOLW yes CadillacReligiousWPHN info
91.3 WJOG yes PetoskeyContmpry ChristianWLGH info
91.3 WGJU yes East TawasReligiousWTCK info
91.5 WICA yes Traverse CityPublic: News/Talk  info
91.7 WCML yes AlpenaPublic: Classical/TalkWCMUHDinfo
91.7 W219DK  Manistee------ info
91.9 WGCP CadillacReligious  info
91.9 WSMO CP  Standish---info
91.9 W220CW  Rogers HeightsVarietyWAQQ info
92.1 WTWS yes Houghton LakeCountry  info
92.1 W221BQ  Petoskeyinfo
92.1 W221CA yes GaylordReligiousWTCK info
92.3 WBNZ  FrankfortAdult Contemporary  info
92.5 WFDX  AtlantaClassic HitsWFCX info
92.7 W224CA  LudingtonClassic RockWWKR info
92.9 WJZQ yes CadillacContemporary Hits  info
93.3 WKQZ yes MidlandActive Rock  info
93.3 W227AT CP ManisteeVarietyWAQQ info
93.3 W227CB  Alpena------ info
93.5 WBCM yes Boyne CityCountryWTCM info
93.7 WKAD  CadillacSports  info
93.9 WAVC yes MioClassic RockWGFNinfo
94.1 WWKR  LudingtonClassic Rock  info
94.1 W241BF CP AlpenaCountryWWTH info
94.3 WFCX  Traverse CityClassic Hits  info
94.5 WLJZ yes Mackinaw CityClassic RockWGFNinfo
94.7 W234BU yes Traverse CityClassicalWIAA info
94.9 WKJZ yes AlpenaVariety HitsWQLB info
94.9 WKZC  LudingtonCountry  info
95.1 W236BR  Reed CityNews/TalkWBRN info
95.1 W236BU yes Traverse CityPublic: Classical/TalkWCMW info
95.1 W236BZ yes St. IgnaceReligiousWTCK info
95.3 WGRL  Indian Riversilent  info
95.3 W237DA  Boyne CityTalkWSRT info
95.5 WJZJ yes Traverse CityRock  info
95.7 WCMB yes OscodaPublic: Classical/TalkWCMU info
96.3 WLXT yes PetoskeyAdult Contemporary  info
96.5 W243BA  Big Rapids---  info
96.7 WLXV  CadillacHot Adult Contmpry  info
96.7 WRGZ  Rogers CityCountryWATZ info
96.9 WWCM yes StandishPublic: Classical/TalkWCMU info
97.3 WDEE  Big RapidsOldies  info
97.5 WKLT  KalkaskaRock  info
97.7 WMLQ  ManisteeAdult Contemporary  info
97.7 WMRX yes BeavertonAdult Standards  info
97.7 WQEZ  CheboyganAdult Contemporary  info
98.1 WGFN yes Traverse CityClassic Rock  info
98.1 W251AD yes AlpenaVariety HitsWKJZ info
98.5 WUPS yes Houghton LakeClassic Hits  info
98.7 WLDN CP Pentwater  info
98.9 WKLZ  PetoskeyRockWKLT info
99.3 WATZ  AlpenaCountry  info
99.3 WOUF yes FrankfortRock  info
99.7 W259AH yes PetoskeyReligiousWPHN info
99.9 WHAK  Rogers CityOldies  info
100.1 WCUZ  ManisteeNews/Talk info
100.3 WQON yes GraylingRock  info
100.5 WEEH  HartOldies  info
100.7 WWTH  OscodaCountry  info
100.9 WICV yes East JordanClassicalWIAA info
100.9 WLUN yes PinconningSports  info
100.9 WWBR  Big RapidsCountry  info
101.1 WGRY  RoscommonSports  info
101.5 WMJZ  GaylordVariety Hits  info
101.5 WMTE  ManisteeClassic Hits  info
101.7 WPRJ yes ColemanContmpry Christian  info
101.9 WLDR yes Traverse CityCountry HDinfo
  WLDR-2   Smooth Jazz   
  WLDR-3 yes  RockWOUF 
  WLDR-4   Sports   
102.1 W271AG yes Mackinaw CityReligiousWHWG info
102.3 WYBR  Big RapidsHot Adult Contmpry  info
102.5 W273CC  Alpena------ info
102.7 WMOM yes LudingtonContemporary Hits  info
102.9 WMKC yes Indian RiverCountry  info
103.1 WGDN yes GladwinCountry  info
103.3 WQLB yes Tawas CityVariety Hits  info
103.5 WTCM yes Traverse CityCountry  info
103.9 WCMW yes PetoskeyPublic: Classical/TalkWCMU info
104.1 WSAG  Bay CityAdult Contemporary  info
104.3 WRDS  RoscommonReligious  info
104.5 WZTC  Traverse CityVariety Hits info
104.7 WKJC yes Tawas CityCountry  info
104.9 WAIR yes CadillacContmpry ChristianWLGH info
104.9 W285DY  LudingtonAdult ContemporaryWMLQ info
105.1 WGFM yes CheboyganRockWJZJinfo
105.5 WBMI  West BranchClassic Country  info
105.5 WSRJ  Traverse CityTalkWSRT info
105.9 WKHQ yes CharlevoixContemporary Hits  info
106.1 WHST yes Tawas CityReligiousWPHN info
106.3 WKLA  LudingtonAdult Contemporary  info
106.3 WYPV CP Onaway  info
106.7 WSRT  GaylordTalk  info
107.1 WCKC yes CadillacClassic RockWGFN info
107.3 WAWB  West BranchReligious  info
107.5 WCCW yes Traverse CityClassic Hits  info
107.7 WHSB  AlpenaHot Adult Contmpry  info
107.7 W299BE  Big RapidsNews/TalkWBRN info
107.9 WCDY  CadillacHot Adult Contmpry info
107.9 WCZW yes CharlevoixClassic HitsWCCW info

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AM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • Frequencies in red indicate AM stereo broadcasters
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
FreqCall   CityFormatMore
580 WTCM yes Traverse City News/Talkinfo
750 WARD  PetoskeyCountryinfo
940 WIDG yes St. IgnaceReligiousinfo
960 WHAK  Rogers CityCountryinfo
1110 WJML yes PetoskeyNews/Talkinfo
1210 WJNL yes Traverse CityNews/Talkinfo
1230 WGRY  GraylingSportsinfo
1240 WATT  CadillacNews/Talkinfo
1240 WCBY yes CheboyganClassic Countryinfo
1270 WMKT yes CharlevoixNews/Talkinfo
1310 WCCW  Traverse CitySportsinfo
1340 WMBN  PetoskeySportsinfo
1340 WMTE  Manisteesilentinfo
1350 WGDN  GladwinTalk/Religiousinfo
1370 WLJW  CadillacReligiousinfo
1400 WLJN  Traverse CityReligiousinfo
1450 WATZ  AlpenaNews/Talkinfo
1450 WKLA  LudingtonNews/Talkinfo
1460 WBRN  Big RapidsNews/Talkinfo
1480 WIOS yes East TawasAdult Standardsinfo
1590 WODJ CP  Big Rapids---info

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Weather Radio:

Gaylord / North Central Lower MI NWS Office - Northern Lower Peninsula & Eastern Upper Peninsula

  • info link contains coverage area and more station information
  • yes  = web stream available, click to listen
  • Channel number is on typical weather radio
Ch  FreqCall CityPowerHeightMore
2162.400 KIH22 yes Traverse City330 watts1106 ftinfo
Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau,
Manistee, Missaukee, Wexford
5162.450 KXI33  West Branch1000 watts1433 ftinfo
Arenac, Gladwin, Iosco, Ogemaw, Roscommon
3162.475 WNG572  Emmet Co./Petoskey300 watts? ftinfo
Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet
6162.500 WWF70  Gaylord/Waters100 watts1465 ftinfo
Crawford, Otsego
1162.550 KIG74  Sault Ste Marie/Dafter1000 watts873 ftinfo
Chippewa, Mackinac (east 1/2)
1162.550 KIG83  Alpena/Herron/Lachine800 watts1340 ftinfo
Alcona, Alpena, Montmorency, Oscoda, Presque Isle


Grand Rapids NWS Office - Western and Central Lower Peninsula

  • info link contains coverage area and more station information
  • yes  = web stream available, click to listen
  • Channel number is on typical weather radio
Ch  FreqCall CityPowerHeightMore
2162.400 WXK81 yes Onondaga/Lansing500 watts1413 ftinfo
Branch, Calhoun, Clinton, Eaton, Hillsdale, Ingham, Jackson, Livingston, Shiawassee
7162.425 WNG672 yes Wolf Lake/Baldwin1000 watts1188 ftinfo
Lake, Manistee, Mason, Mecosta, Newaygo, Oceana, Osceola, Wexford
7162.425 WXN99 yes West Olive300 watts623 ftinfo
Allegan, Muskegon, Ottawa
3162.475 WWF34  Plainwell/Kalamazoo300 watts? ftinfo
Allegan, Barry, Berrien, Branch, Calhoun
Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, Van Buren
3162.475 WWF36  Hesperia500 watts1036 ftinfo
Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana
4162.525 KZZ33  Mt. Pleasant1000 watts791 ftinfo
Clare, Gratiot, Isabella, Mecosta, Midland, Montcalm, Osceola
1162.550 KIG63 yes Grand Rapids/Kentwood1000 watts929 ftinfo
Allegan, Barry, Ionia, Kent, Montcalm, Ottawa

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AM Travelers Information Service:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
FreqCall CityUsageMore
530 WNHC787  St. IgnaceMackinac Bridgeinfo
530 WPHH450  yes  Big RapidsFerris St. Uinfo
1610 WNHC787  Mackinaw CityMackinac Bridgeinfo
1610 WQIV322  LudingtonVisitor Infoinfo

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