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  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
ChanDTVCallCityNetworkNet 2ParentMore
211 CHBX Sault Ste MarieCTV  info
521 CBLT Sault Ste MarieCBC  info
630 CIII ParisGlobal  info
862 CKNX Wingham   info
935 CBET WindsorCBC  info
1057 CFPL London   info
1216 CIII Sault Ste MarieGlobal  info
137 CKCO KitchenerCTV  info
1666 CHWI Wheatley   info
1860 CICO LondonTVO  info
2025 CICO Sault Ste MarieTVO  info
20? CJMT London   info
226 CIII StevensonGlobal  info
2623 CBLFT Sault Ste MarieSRC  info
2955 CIII SarniaGlobal  info
3151 CITY Woodstock   info
3225 CICO WindsorTVO  info
3446 CBLN SarniaCBC  info
34 CFTV LeamingtonInd.  info
3832 CHCH Sault Ste Marie  info
4023 CBLN LondonCBC  info
4227 CKCO SarniaCTV  info
4554 CBLN WinghamCBC  info
4863 CBLFT ChathamSRC  info
5124 CHCH London   info
533 CBLFT LondonSRC  info
5469 CBEFT WindsorSRC  info
5933 CICO ChathamTVO  info
6065 CHWI Windsor   info
6465 CBLN ChathamCBC  info
6867 CBLFT Sarnia, ONSRC  info
6947 CFMT London   info

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FM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
  • CP = construction permit, may not be on-air
  • HD = digital broadcasts
FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
88.1 CBEE yes Chatham, ONVariety; CBC1CBEW info
88.1 CBON yes Sault Ste MarieFrench  info
88.7 CIMX yes WindsorModern Rock  info
89.3 CKGW yes Chatham, ONReligious  info
89.5 CBSM yes Sault Ste MarieVariety; CBC1  info
89.9 CBE yes WindsorVariety; CBC2  info
90.1 CJLF yes Owen SoundContmpry Christian  info
90.3 CBEC yes Elliot LakeVariety; CBC1  info
90.3 CBEG yes SarniaVariety; CBC1CBE info
90.7 CBPS  Bruce Peninsula PkWeather  info
90.9 CIYN yes Port ElginClassic Hits  info
91.3 CFBW yes HanoverAdult Contemporary  info
91.7 CIBU yes BluewaterRockCIBU info
91.9 CBEW yes LeamingtonVariety; CBC1 info
92.3 CJOS yes Owen SoundClassic Hits info
92.5 CHIM yes Elliot LakeReligious  info
92.7 CJBX yes LondonCountry  info
92.7 CJSP yes Leamington, ONVariety Hits  info
92.9 CFCO yes ChathamCountry  info
92.9 CFWJ  Sault Ste MarieTourist Info  info
93.5 CBCL yes LondonVariety; CBC1  info
93.7 CKYC yes Owen SoundCountry  info
93.9 CIDR yes WindsorAdult Alternative  info
94.1 CKNR yes Elliot LakeVariety Hits  info
94.3 CJFH yes WoodstockReligious  info
94.3 CKSY yes ChathamAdult Contemporary  info
94.5 CIBU yes WinghamRock  info
94.9 CHRW yes LondonCollege  info
95.1 CKUE yes ChathamRock  info
95.5 CIYN yes KincardineClassic Hits  info
95.9 CFPL yes LondonRock  info
95.9 CJWF yes WindsorCountryinfo
96.7 CHYR yes LeamingtonHot Adult Contmpry  info
97.1 CBL yes Owen SoundVariety; CBC2  info
97.3 CHIM yes Sault Ste MarieReligious  info
97.5 CBCE yes Little CurrentVariety; CBC1  info
97.5 CBEW yes WindsorVariety; CBC1 info
97.5 CIQM yes LondonHot Adult Contmpry  info
97.9 CFPS yes Port ElginAdult Contemporary  info
98.7 CBCB yes Owen SoundVariety; CBC1  info
98.7 CKNR yes Elliot LakeVariety HitsCKNR info
98.9 CHCD yes SimcoeAdult Contemporary  info
99.1 CJAM yes WindsorCollege  info
99.3 CJBC yes LondonFrench  info
99.7 CIYN yes GoderichClassic Hits  info
99.9 CFGX yes SarniaAdult Contemporary  info
100.1 CHFN  NeyaashiinigmiingVariety  info
100.5 CBBL yes LondonVariety; CBC2  info
100.5 CHAS yes Sault Ste MarieAdult Contemporary  info
100.7 CFRM yes Little CurrentCountry  info
100.7 CKUE yes WindsorRock  info
100.9 CBLA yes WinghamVariety; CBC1  info
101.3 CKOT yes TillsonburgAdult Contemporary  info
101.7 CBON yes Elliot LakeFrench  info
101.7 CKNX yes WinghamHot Adult Contmpry  info
102.1 CJTK yes Little CurrentReligious  info
102.3 CHST yes LondonVariety Hits  info
103.1 CBEF yes Leamington, ONFrenchCBEF info
103.1 CFHK yes LondonContemporary Hits  info
103.3 CKCI yes SarniaVarietyCKTI info
103.9 CHOK yes Sarnia, ONCountry/Full Svc  info
103.9 CJBC yes Windsor, ONFrench  info
103.9 CKDK yes WoodstockClassic Hits  info
104.3 CJQM yes Sault Ste MarieCountry  info
104.7 CIHR yes WoodstockAdult Contemporary  info
104.9 CHWC yes GoderichAdult Contemporary  info
105.7 CJMI yes StrathroyAdult Contemporary  info
105.9 CHJX yes LondonContmpry Christian  info
105.9 CHPD  AylmerEthnic  info
106.3 CHKS yes Sarnia, ONRock  info
106.5 CIXK yes Owen SoundAdult Contemporary  info
106.9 CIXX yes LondonUrban/College  info
107.3 CJDL yes TillsonburgCountry info
107.7 CHGK yes StratfordAdult Contemporary  info
107.7 CKTI yes Kettle PointVariety  info

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AM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • Frequencies in red indicate AM stereo broadcasters
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
FreqCall   CityFormatMore
530 CIRS  Sault Ste MarieTISinfo
540 CBEF yes WindsorFrenchinfo
560 CFOS yes Owen SoundFull Service/Oldiesinfo
580 CKWW yes WindsorOldiesinfo
630 CFCO yes Chatham, ONCountryinfo
800 CKLW yes WindsorNews/Talkinfo
920 CKNX yes WinghamFull Service/Countryinfo
980 CFPL yes LondonNews/Talkinfo
1070 CHOK yes SarniaCountry/Full Svcinfo
1240 CJCS yes StratfordFull Service/Oldiesinfo
1290 CJBK yes LondonNews/Talkinfo
1410 CKSL yes LondonAdult Standards/Oldiesinfo
1510 CKOT  TillsonburgCountryinfo

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Weather Radio:


WeatherRadio Canada - Ontario near the Michigan border

Ch  FreqCallCityPowerHeightMore
2162.400 XJV492 Sarnia42 watts446 ftinfo
2162.400 XMJ373 Sault Ste Marie447 watts705 ftinfo
3162.475 VAZ533 Windsor98 watts364 ftinfo

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