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Station count: 30

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521 CBLT Sault Ste MarieCBC info
935 CBET WindsorCBC info
2623 CBLFT Sault Ste MarieSRC info
3446 CBLN Sarnia, ONCBC info
4023 CBLN LondonCBC info
4554 CBLN WinghamCBC info
4863 CBLFT ChathamSRC info
533 CBLFT LondonSRC info
5469 CBEFT WindsorSRC info
6465 CBLN ChathamCBC info
6867 CBLFT Sarnia, ONSRC info



FM Radio:

FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
88.1 CBEE yes Chatham, ONVariety; CBC1CBEinfo
88.1 CBON yes Sault Ste MarieFrench info
89.5 CBSM yes Sault Ste MarieVariety; CBC1 info
89.9 CBE yes WindsorVariety; CBC2 info
90.3 CBEC  Elliot LakeVariety; CBC1 info
90.3 CBEG yes Sarnia, ONVariety; CBC1CBEinfo
91.9 CBEW yes Leamington, ONVariety; CBC1 info
93.5 CBCL yes LondonVariety; CBC1 info
97.1 CBL yes Owen SoundVariety; CBC2 info
97.5 CBCE yes Little CurrentVariety; CBC1  info
97.5 CBEW yes WindsorVariety; CBC1 info
98.7 CBCB yes Owen SoundVariety; CBC1  info
99.3 CJBC yes LondonFrench info
100.5 CBBL yes LondonVariety; CBC2 info
100.9 CBLA yes WinghamVariety; CBC1 info
101.7 CBON yes Elliot LakeFrench info
103.1 CBEF yes Leamington, ONFrenchCBEFinfo
103.9 CJBC yes Windsor, ONFrench info



AM Radio:

FreqCall   CityFormatMore
540 CBEF yes WindsorFrenchinfo




  • Fall 2010: CBEW-FM 97.5 Windsor and CBEW-FM-1 91.9 Leamington begin operations; after simulcasting CBE AM 1550 for a period, the AM station is expected to leave the air. CBE AM signs off for good during the fall of 2011.
  • 6/2007: CJBC-FM 103.9 Windsor signs on with programming from French-language Espace Musique network.













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