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FM Radio:

FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
94.5 WCEN yes SaginawCountry info
100.5 WSGW yes SaginawNews/Talk/Sports info
106.3 WGER yes SaginawHot Adult Contmpry  info
107.1 WTLZ yes SaginawAdult Urban Contmpry info



AM Radio:

FreqCall   CityFormatMore
790 WSGW yes SaginawNews/Talkinfo




  • 1/2003: FCC approves sale of WSGW, WCEN-FM, WTCF, WGER, and WTLZ to NextMedia from Wilks
  • 11/1/2002: Announced that Wilks will sell 5 stations to NextMedia Group for $55.5 million.
  • 9/6/2002: Cumulus terminates purchase of WSGW, WCEN-FM, WTCF, WGER, and WTLZ before sale is finalized
  • 7/9/2002: FCC approves sale of WSGW, WCEN-FM, WTCF, WGER, and WTLZ to Cumulus from Wilks
  • 5/7/2002: Announced that Cumulus is purchasing 5 Tri-Cities area stations (WSGW 790-AM, WCEN-FM 94.5, WTCF-FM 100.5, WGER-FM 106.3, and WTLZ-FM 107.1) for $55.6 million from Wilks Broadcasting
  • 2002: At the request of Wilks, the license for WCEN-AM 1150 Mt. Pleasant is cancelled
  • 10/2001: FCC approves city of license change from Mt. Pleasant to Hemlock for WCEN-FM effective 12/3/01
  • 10/2001: FCC approves Wilks' purchase of WTLZ
  • 7/2001: Announced that WTLZ-FM 107.1 Saginaw is being purchased from Cumulus Broadcasting by Wilks Broadcasting for $3.75 million
  • 8/24/2000: FCC approves Wilks' purchase of WCEN-AM/FM from Sommerville
  • 7/13/2000: FCC approves Wilks' purchase of WGER, WTCF, and WSGW from Citadel
  • 7/2000: Announced that WCEN-FM/AM Mt. Pleasant is being purchased by Wilks Broadcasting from Sommerville Associates
  • 4/27/2000: Announced that WGER-FM 106.3, WTCF-FM 100.5, and WSGW-AM 790 are being purchased from Citadel Communications by Wilks Broadcasting in order for Citadel to meet station ownership levels in the Tri-Cities.
  • 2/17/2000: FCC approves sale of WTCF Carrollton from Liggett Broadcasting to Citadel Broadcasting
  • 12/22/1998: FCC approves sale of 62nd Street Broadcasting stations (includes WGER-FM and WSGW-AM) in the Tri-Cities to Citadel.













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